Helpful Techniques To Deal With Fibromyalgia

Life becomes really difficult for the people suffering fibromyalgia. The patients develop a constant state of pain and fatigue. These persistent pains cause the affected person become very nervous and extremely stressed. Moreover the sleeping disorders, sleepless nights and lack of comfort take the stress and depression to higher levels.

When a person with continuous fatigue and pain wants to take some rest and finds no way to sleep due to tiredness the condition becomes more severe and the level of depression and frustration rises.

There are some useful techniques for patients that help them to deal with the disorder without medication and expensive treatment:


For the fibromyalgia patients, daily routine become a difficult task. The activities that were fun prior to the disorder become source of frustration and depression. The person should manage to keep away from things that are stressful to avoid the situation of depression. Minimum exposure to stressful activities and situations will be helpful for improving life.

Meditation and yoga will be beneficial in such cases to avoid stress. So they should be scheduled at least twice a week. A proper time for deep breathing should also be scheduled. The person should try to arrange activities that give pleasure and meetings with people with joy able company weekly.

Keeping a Journal

The disorder often tends to affect the memory of a person. This is also a hard condition to deal with. People that got such issues should keep a journal or doodle topics or issues that encounter daily. It will help to ease some stress. To keep the mind active and sharp or to overcome te situation, keeping a to-do list having information about future conversation and work will be beneficial.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise and workout has always proved to keep a person healthy and fit. The people with such disorders must schedule simple workouts like walking, water aerobics. Such activities are highly recommended for people having disorders like fibromyalgia. These exercises will help to sooth the body as well will relax the mind.

Moreover exercise and workout will help to relieve stiffness and patients will get a sense of control over their condition. In addition workout may help you to get a better sleep and overcome the condition of restless nights. A proper workout schedule according to your body and mind should be planned with the help of your physician.


A warm, nice and long bath is other great way to relieve stress. A bath with warm water will be helpful in relieving aches and pains. Flexibility and soothing of fatigued muscles can be achieved by soaking your body in warm water. However in some cases it becomes difficult for patients to have long exposure to bathtub due to some particular back aches. Such people should arrange baths in sauna or some stool in bathtub to have warm water rains. Better sleep can be attained by moist warmth which helps to promote endorphins that block the pains.

Avoiding Caffeine

Mostly people like to take caffeine, coffee and tea when feel fatigued or tired. They consider it to be a stress reliever but the real fact is caffeine actually increases the level of stress. Caffeine acts as a source of stress in mind and body. It stimulates the central nervous system and heart, which leads to anxiety and nervousness.

There are increased chances of insomnia when your mind is stimulated and stress levels are high. People having sleeping disorders should keep themselves away from caffeine as much as they can. You should also well aware of the products that contain traces of caffeine like coffee, tea, chocolates, booster drinks.

Controlled Work Load

Work and rest should be in balanced manner. The affected people with greater work load will get high levels of stress. Work will fatigue the body and severe stressful situations may arise. The stressful conditions along with fibromyalgia sometimes become unbearable.

Employers should feel for such employees that are facing any disorders. It will be great act to help the fibromyalgia patient in their work so their day run smoothly and stress free and they will be able to overcome this frustrating condition Easily accessed spaces and appliances should be organized for workplace in order to provide comfort.

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Some employers may even allow an employee suffering from fibromyalgia to schedule their work according to the hours in which they feel most comfortable and productive.

Sleeping Paradise

A room with sleeping theme can be arranged. The beds that were once best to sleep in terms of comfort become a problem even to get an adequate sleep. So beds and bedrooms should be reserved solely for sleeping. The bedroom with dark and quiet space seems cool and free of disturbances like blinking lights. A strict sleeping schedule should be arranged. A room with no televisions, laptops or computers will be a good idea to get good sleeping.  Add some light relaxing sounds like crashing caves or soft music that will help you to take to the exciting world of dreams.


Take your time and get your hands off some responsibilities that can be done without you. Too much scheduled and busy routine will increase the levels of stress. Make your life easy; give your time to yourself instead of getting too much involved in others’ life.

Giving up some extra works will give you a chance to take rest and relax your body. The most helpful methodology to fight disorders including fibromyalgia is self awareness and focusing on yourself because if you are healthy you will able to take better care of your family. A good health is always required to keep others healthy and live a happy life.

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