Fibromyalgia and The Affordable Care Act

People with fibromyalgia and other disorders of chronic fatigue must consider their insurance or lack as the Affordable Care Act is in effect now.

Under this act insurance companies must have to accept any person regardless of their pre-existing conditions. Those cost related to treatments are not to be paid by the company that are prior to the insurance.

From 2014 onwards, insurance companies are obligated to cover any and all expenses that are related to policyholders, regardless of the time in which they were diagnosed with them.

People with intensified disorder and worse conditions of fibromyalgia had to leave their jobs before this act. Their insurance policy was deducted after leaving the job.

It was hard for the highly infected people to find an insurance company that would cover them after employment. Such people almost seem uninsurable. The affordability for treatments became the major issue for such people who had to quit their jobs due to worse health conditions.

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The Affordable Care Act enabled the people with serious disorders including fibromyalgia to find insurance coverage and carry on their treatments and medication.

The conditions become horribly intensified if treatments are not taken properly and timely. The worse conditions may affect the state of mind and body miserably.

The widespread chronic pain, severe headaches, migraines and fatigue are the initial symptoms of fibromyalgia but if proper treatment and care is not made it may lead to the severe problem of depression and anxiety.

Depression typically ensues in fibromyalgia patients. Because of constant pain and weakness the person develops a state of mind of being useless and burden for friends and family which leads to depression case.

Due to consistent pain and fatigue the colors of person’s start vanishing. The enjoyable and fun activities become boring for the affected person. The physical condition brings him to the state of mind that is away from life and its blessing.

Sometimes it becomes a very miserable and exceptional case. The affected people sometimes lose hope and start feeling that their life will never get better because of all time fatigue and tiredness.

The condition becomes worse when person is able to get the proper sleep due to pain. Sleeping disorder and lack of relaxation leads him to continuous state of anxiety and stress.

There is no proper treatment procedure available for the disorder and the rare available for worse conditions are too expensive. The uninsured persons often go untreated because of affordability problem.

In this scenario implementation of the Affordable Care Act proves really significant and helpful for such people.

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