People with brain fog will understand these 34 things

Author: Rida Hassan

Sometimes, there are days when we starts forgetting things, like we are unable to remember why we walked into a room or what were we going to say. But for some people, all this brain fogging is actually a symptom of chronic illness or some medications. It is much serious than just forgetting anything. Your short term memory and mental acuity is affected significantly and also confusion arises due to brain fog. You get so frustrated when you can’t recall any important conversation, dates or names and your professional and social life is strongly affected by it, especially when others don’t know about your condition or what is the matter with you.

While living with chronic illness, the most challenging thing is brain fog, but if you try to struggle hard and face it, you are not alone then. Our mighty community has shared some things about their brain fog that only the experienced ones can understand. All the things will sound familiar to you, if you have ever experienced brain fog:

Community has shared the following aspects:

  1. “When you are trying hard to hold a conversation with someone because you know what you want to say to him/her but it seems like you your head and mouth are not synchronizing.”
  2. “When you realize that you have taken your medicine in the morning, twice.”
  3. “My husband asked me to write the thing down so that I will not forget. But the problem I face is to remember that I have to write it down, or to remember where I have written it down or remembering to remember that I have written it down.”
  4. “A very frustrating and hurting moment when people think that you are not listening to or paying attention to them, while you are trying your best to act normal.”
  5. “It feels so scary when you get lost while driving to familiar places.”
  6. “When you forget the whole conversation you have had with your family. It feels so frustrating when they bring something they told you about and you don’t remember it.”
  7. “It feels like you are moving your mind through molasses when you are trying to solve a problem and still you don’t that the problem is solved or not.”
  8. “When you find your car keys in fridge.”
  9. “I always feel lost and confused in my own house. I wander here and there in confusion and thinking why I am here, why I have gotten up, for which thing I have come in kitchen.”
  10. “In the morning, I put a password on my cell phone and then shut it off. After sometime I have no idea what was my password and can’t unlock it.”
  11. “The toughest thing is to tell your friends and family that you are taking medications for your memory and focus in the age of 26.”
  12. “I am lost or I have lost something even in dreams. I have such dreams in which I am in so much confusion and trying hard to find a way out. Sometimes, I spent the whole dream finding something.”
  13. “When you have enormous internal vocabulary, but you always come up with words like ‘thingy’”.
  14. “You are physically present somewhere but it feels like you aren’t there, may be you are somewhere else. Those who have experienced it can know this feeling.”
  15. “The feeling of hate, when you are in confusion and still your life is passing by. You want to spend your life with the people you adore and want to enjoy every moment but you can’t. Your life is like a slow motion movie and yet everything around you is speeding by. It feels so terrifying that you are missing a part of your life.”
  16. “Sometimes you say a wrong word or mix up all the phrases while having a conversation and someone says, ‘don’t you mean…?”
  17. “It feels so frustrating going from a photographic memory to a Swiss cheese brain. I even printed out little sheets and place it next to where my medicines are (with a pen). The moment I take the medicine, I cross out the time, so I don’t forget that I have taken the dose already.”
  18. “The matters in which I am supposed to be an expert but I failed to respond.”
  19. “Sometimes it took 15 minutes to search for your glasses, as I did. The funny thing is that I was wearing them but it didn’t even feel that I could see clearly.”
  20. “You are just playing okay and you are being in a good conversation. Something hits like a bolt and now you can’t remember what the conversation was about.”
  21. “When you skip whole portion of your day in fuzziness, after that you get completely coherent and efficient thinking about another day, then after that, you get exhausted and confused at night again.”
  22. “When you don’t want to share and people want you to tell them more about your medical condition. They want to know what the story behind this confusion is. And yes, you always get ‘it’s just like you are getting old’ comment. If you have brain fog, it doesn’t mean that you are getting old, especially in case of pharmaceutically-induced brain fog.”
  23. “When you have to set phone reminders of every little thing, like taking medication, making sure that you are drinking enough water etc.”
  24. “Saying things again and again, while trying to finish a thought.”
  25. “When you are going out and forget the list of things that shouldn’t be forgetting.”
  26. “When you sit for a moment to decide your whole plan of the day and then after sometime you realize that you have been sitting for a long time chasing your thoughts and you didn’t even know where the time went.”
  27. “When you have so much anxiety while calling someone, because you have a doubt of not finding any words to talk or if your mind completely gets blank.”
  28. “There are so much notes taped all over the house, a lot of reminders go off on my cell phone. The moment I think that I have to do something and I am lost in the twister of fog.”
  29. “It happens sometimes, when you are on your job and have to solve a problem that seems to be solved easily. When you hit by a brain fog, you forget everything you have learned. It’s like sitting in an exam of a subject you have never studied.”
  30. “It feels so embarrassing that you have to express yourself in simple words and you can’t do it. Someone else corrects you for a mistake like correction of a common word due to your flare.”
  31. “When you can’t even remember a simple object name, and constantly thinking what it is called. For example couch, spoon, bed etc.”
  32. “Sometimes, I forget what I was fighting for and fail to wind the argument.”
  33. “Your mind gets completely off and you are unable to remind if you are in a middle of a conversation and you forget someone’s name or forget what you were saying.”
  34. “When you have a great answer in your mind, but failed to remember when you went to type it.”

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