5 Tips for you to Use this Weekend

Guest Post by Jo-Anne Scott

Here are my 5 tips for you to use this weekend to feel more connection, freedom, and peace within you and in your relationships:

❤ Stop future tripping. Leave to one side what is happening for dinner next week or what who might say if you do this, or that whole conversation you are having before anything has even happened. Let GO of it. Don’t fight it. Just breathe in, come back to now, to the present and enjoy the moment.

❤ BREATHE deeply and fully. 10 deep belly breaths will anchor you and allow your mind to move back to the here and now

❤ GRATITUDE. Instead of your focus being on what’s gone wrong, what you haven’t got, what you wish you had, when your life feels a bit pants and all the negative feelings and emotions that swirl around your head, just take a minute to consider 3 things you are super grateful for in your life – there are so many things to be grateful for that this should be your focus.

❤ Let go of pain from the past. Seriously, what has gone has gone. It’s something we can learn from or respond differently to. Of course, we can visit our pain from the past – it’s allowed as long as we don’t unpack our suitcase and live there. Living in the past is painful not only for you but the people around you too. Let it go.

❤ Love yourself deeper and deeper. Love you for you including the silly things you say or the mistakes you make or even how bad your singing voice is, oh, and all those pesky habits you just can’t seem to break. Bring more love to you and your life – you are worth it, you deserve it. By regularly practicing this you will see that the people around you will pick up on this too.

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