Treatments and Medications To Help With Fibromyalgia

Medications and several home remedies are generally used as treatments for fibromyalgia. There is no proper treatment that completely cures the disorder; however certain treatments help to minimize the symptoms caused by the syndrome and improve the general health of the affected person.


Several medications are available that help to help reduce pains, aches and sleeping problems. Analgesics or acetaminophens such as Tylenol has proved to be helpful for revealing pain and stiffness caused by the condition.

The dose of medications depends on the intensity of the disorder. Tramadol is a drug that is prescribed as a pain reliever and can be taken both with and without acetaminophen. There are some other anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids, like the ibuprofens Motrin and Advil or drugs that naproxen sodium, like Aleve are recommended by medical experts to take in combination with some other medications.

The other antidepressants that are recommended to help with pain and other fatigue issues related to fibromyalgia are duloxetine and milnacipran. Sleeping disorders can be controlled by Prozac.

The medications used to treat epilepsy and seizures are sometimes supportive in the reduction of certain pains and aches. Gabapentin has also proved to be helpful to reduce some symptoms of fibromyalgia.


The condition of stress developed due to fibromyalgia may be eased with the help of therapy. A counselor may help the patient to strengthen the belief that they can overcome their condition and brace their abilities.

People suffering from fibromyalgia should persistently look for self-remedies to help them manage their life in a better way. Reducing stress is an extremely difficult thing. Relaxation should be the first priority. So it is important that fibromyalgia patients must try to develop inclusive plans that help them limit their overexertion and help them manage the emotional toll and any stresses that develop due to the condition. However, the complete routine should not be changed.

People who give up all their activities and jobs often develop the worse condition than those who keep on going with their activities. Techniques that can help ease stress are highly recommended. Meditation and deep-breathing routine proves to be very beneficial.

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Fibromyalgia patients develop the state of sleepless nights or some sleeping interruptions and fatigue but they should their best to get as much sleep as possible. Fibromyalgia leads the body to serious condition, so people should make sure to have a good night sleep and develop good sleeping habits.

A proper sleeping routine will help to have a nice day. Fibromyalgia victims should try to limit the naps as they seriously alter sleeping schedules and it becomes harder to get the adequate sleep to work properly.

The exercise routine is so far the best way a person with fibromyalgia should develop to better fight with the condition. It has always been the simplest way to stay healthy and fit. The proper selection of exercise is very important. The exercises that fatigue the body should be avoided. Regular exercises such as biking, swimming, and walking are effective.

It is recommended to consult a physical therapist to help you maintain the workout schedule according to your body condition and requirement. Stretching exercises can also be very helpful for a person to better deal with the situation.

Pacing is very helpful for those fighting against fibromyalgia in order to have a better life. Moderation is always the key to get efficient results. So people with fibromyalgia should look to do things in moderation and not overburden themselves on their good health days. However, they should also try to do the light work on days when the symptoms are flaring and causing them problems.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be very beneficial in the battle against fibromyalgia. Having healthy meals, avoiding caffeine, doing things that are enjoyable are ways to improve the quality of life.

Alternative Medicines

There are some alternative medicines that helped to deal with stress and reduce the pain and severity of the fibromyalgia symptoms. Medical experts and researchers are trying hard to find the proper treatment process for the disease.

Acupuncture is used to regulate blood flow and the neurotransmitters that flow through the brain and the spinal cord. This method has also shown good results but is not reliable enough to be recommended by physicians.

Massage therapy is a common practice for getting relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It helps to relax the muscles and soft tissues and can even reduce heart rates and improve the range of motion of a person’s joints. This technique has also helped to relieve stress and anxiety.

Yoga and tai chi proved to be helpful providing relaxation and better breathing. However, there is no correlation found between controlling the symptoms of fibromyalgia and the practice of tai chi.

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