Managing the symptoms of fibromyalgia by Walking

Fibromyalgia is a condition which causes a lot of symptoms, but the major symptom is a widespread pain. Some other symptoms include:

  • Tender points
  • Sleeping problems
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Deep muscle pain
  • Stiffness on waking in mornings
  • Fatigue

No doubt, you are unable to perform any kind of physical activities due to pain, fatigue and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. You may even find it difficult to walk. However, if you do exercise properly without any overexertion, it is a very effective treatment to manage fibromyalgia symptoms.

Treatments to manage symptoms of fibromyalgia

There are various things for managing signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. You may be recommended for one or several treatments of the following:

  • Medications-FDA has approved many medications for treating fibromyalgia symptoms. Such as Lyrica, Savella, and Cymbalta.
  • Changing in lifestyle-you have to do such things like you have to get more sleep, more exercise, manage stress, taking healthy diet and many other changes that can help in managing fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • Physical therapy-there are many treatments that help in controlling fibromyalgia symptoms like ultrasound, heat therapy, massage therapy, hydrotherapy and many more.
  • Emotional or mental therapy-you should get to know other people who are also experiencing the same things by visiting a trained counselor or joining fibromyalgia support group. Try to start the group on your own if there is no group in your area.
  • Avoid some foods-you should know that some foods are considered to trigger fibromyalgia flares. Immediately skip those foods out of your diet.
  • Alternative treatments-many other treatments are effective for managing fibromyalgia symptoms like massage, acupuncture, biofeedback etc.


Exercise is considered to be a very effective treatment for managing the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. It also includes pain and sleeps problems. Various other benefits are also offered by exercise like:

  • Decreasing muscle stiffness
  • Boosting the energy
  • Increasing deep and soothing sleep
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Improvements in mood
  • Support of healthy immune system
  • Maintaining the healthy weight

How to start exercise plan for treating fibromyalgia symptoms

If you participate in a low-intensity and regular exercise program, it is one of the best ways to manage fibromyalgia symptoms and signs. You will have to talk to your physician, therapist or a certified trainer for other fibromyalgia treatments. He will guide you through an exercise plan that is made just for you. It will be according to your needs and abilities to do such things. It will be the one on which you can stick in the long run.

It is important to start your exercise plan slowly. You can increase the level of physical activities over time. Don’t try to rush into anything. If you haven’t participated in any physical activity haven’t been physically active awhile, it will give you benefit then. You need some time to build up your stamina and strength.

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When you start doing your exercise program for treating fibromyalgia, keep this in mind that at first, you will experience more pain and soreness. This is a normal thing. As time passes, all the exercise-related pain starts to diminish.

Over the time, you will get to know that the exercise plan for treating fibromyalgia is very much effective and have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. The level of endorphins in the brain which helps in reducing pain and depression will start to boost up due to the exercise program.

Managing fibromyalgia symptoms by doing some exercises

It is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that adults should get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week such as you can do walking or swimming.  Moreover, muscle strengthening exercises should also be done for 2 or more days every week like light weight lifting or push-ups. In addition to this, some exercises that promote flexibility should be done such as gentle yoga, Pilates or stretching.

Of course, you have to pay more focus on your body keeping in mind the CDC goals. It is completely fine if you can’t do 150 minutes of exercise every week. Exercise is something that you can try and build up the stamina.

If you are participating in a new exercise program in treating signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia, you should try doing a mix of three: aerobic, strengthening exercises and flexibility.

Exercising for helping to succeed with fibromyalgia

It is really not necessary to spend hours in the gym for managing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Just keep in mind that getting into more exercise will give you more benefits of it.

Your physician may also suggest you some other things along with the exercise to manage the symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia. However, it is like a regular exercise. Yes, there may be some side effects of exercise as well as you will feel tired but of course, you will get to sleep. Keep this thing in mind that just listen to your body and then do whatever you want to. If your body says to stop the exercise, just stop it. Don’t burden yourself and get a fibromyalgia flare-up. It will be useless then.

Consult your physician to start an exercise program in your personal fibromyalgia treatment plan.

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