How can widespread pain be caused by fibromyalgia?

It is so much difficult to understand why this distress is occurring in the body if you or someone you love suffers from fibromyalgia.

The person’s quality of life begins to diminish due to widespread pain caused by fibromyalgia. But you should not think that there is nothing you can do alleviate this pain. A lot of treatments and methods are there for managing pain so that you can learn to lessen the pain and enjoy the life you wanted to have.

Patience is necessary for success. Fibromyalgia is a condition of which researchers are keeping on solving its puzzle and they will eventually find causes and cure.

About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an overwhelming syndrome that modern medicine is trying to understand. The common symptoms of fibromyalgia include an overall sense of muscle aches, fatigue and pain that seems to exist for no reason. Sleep disturbances, IBS, stiffness, numbness, joint and muscle pains, swelling, migraines, inflammation and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures are also experienced by many people with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia pain is something that is hard to understand by people and it is also hard to know how to live with it because it has a lot of symptoms and is pervasive. People can be taught to understand how it feels to have widespread pain so that they have more understanding of fibromyalgia people.

What actually is a widespread pain?

The similar experience of widespread pain in fibromyalgia is also felt by people with osteoarthritis, pneumonia or an inflammatory disease. If you want to closely explain the widespread pain to someone who has never experienced any of these conditions, ask them if they remember the feeling of having flu when the entire body ached and they didn’t have enough power to do anything or even stand. This condition is likely to be same as the people with fibromyalgia who experience it daily. It can be so difficult to measure and treat the pain if it remains constant.

How do physicians measure pain?

The diagnostic tool is not used by physicians to find pain, as it is one of the most difficult things. As pain is a subjective thing, so there is no test that can measure the pain. This means pain is felt differently in all people. Have you ever seen the pain scale that has different smiling to frowning faces? Then there should have an attempt to measure your individual pain.

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People often get confused by the widespread pain caused due to fibromyalgia, as this pain is chronic in nature too. You should not need to be worried about having your level of pain misunderstood, because physicians also take into account the nature of chronic pain while using the scale. You can visit any other doctor if you feel like your current doctor is not judging your pain levels appropriately. It is better to get someone whom you have confidence in.

What actually causes fibromyalgia?

No specific cause for fibromyalgia has been discovered yet, but there are various issues that can be risk factors for developing fibromyalgia. There can be a high risk of occurrence of fibromyalgia in you if there is some history of fibromyalgia in your family. Moreover, certain traumas or brain injury can increase the risk of developing fibromyalgia in you. Certain inflammatory diseases or some immune disorders also have a correlation to increased risk of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is not an infectious disease, so you cannot just catch it from someone having fibromyalgia.

Who suffers from fibromyalgia?

It is found that a number of women is diagnosed with fibromyalgia as compared to men or teenagers. Men can also develop this disease but women are diagnosed ten times more than men with fibromyalgia. Women aged between 40 to 60 affect more with fibromyalgia. It is not known that either woman are more inclined to this disorder or the high diagnosis rate has been studied more with women as compared to men. There are different symptoms in men that haven’t been recognized gender-specific indicators of the disorder.

Is there any cure?

Unfortunately, no cure has been discovered for this widespread pain or other symptoms caused due to fibromyalgia. Yes, there are some treatments and remedies that seem to alleviate pains and other symptoms as well. Understanding more about how it exhibits in the body might include better treatments to help it. The most important thing is that you should try new things that are discovered. Maybe something will give you so much benefit. You should be social and active for doing this. You can maintain wellness and can also learn to manage pain caused by fibromyalgia by trying newly discovered things as per doctor’s recommendations.

What is its treatment?

There are a lot of treatments for fibromyalgia. It depends on the person and the severity of chronic widespread pain, in adopting treatment. It also depends on how much severe are your flare-ups.

Modern medicines, exercises, and alternative treatments are involved in the best treatments. The main goal of the treatments is to help you in alleviating pain and provide you the best quality of life without having any overwhelming pain. But you have to make some effort by yourself, and it also involves effort from the doctor and alternative treatment providers to give you best quality of life.

What should I do for alleviating my fibromyalgia pain?

For your widespread pain, the best thing you can do is have a pain journal and then consult your doctor. A lot of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers are available that can help you in alleviating pain. Also, alternative treatments can also help you in returning to a normal fitness routine. Moreover, exercise is considered to be one of the best ways to reduce the pain caused due to fibromyalgia. It is also recommended to have a good diet that doesn’t have such foods that increases inflammation and pain.

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