Eliminating or limiting 6 Fibromyalgia Triggers straight away

It is very much important to know what your triggers are for fibromyalgia, as it is a step towards feeling better. Every symptom occurs differently in each person and triggers also affect differently on each person.

There are 6 triggers that everyone should need to work on it as early as possible. These triggers include stress, smoking, metals near the body, minimizing menstrual pain, lessening exposure to cold weather, and getting moving.

If you eliminate just one of these triggers, you will feel a lot better. And once you get succeeded in eliminating the first trigger, you will likely make an effort to eliminate further triggers.

High-Stress Lifestyles

Of course, it is a lot more difficult to eliminate all the stress from your life, but you can work on this trigger to lessen your fibromyalgia. You may feel headaches, high blood pressure, and weight gain due to high stress. Stress also plays a role in worsening fibromyalgia symptoms. Consider your stress seriously and try to eliminate it from your life. You should have some serious planning for reducing stress in your life. So, all you need to do is keep it slow and make small steps to eliminate the biggest trigger of your life.

Give yourself some time to do meditation, deep breathing, read, or go on a walk, as these things help in reducing the feelings of stress on your body. You can also discuss it with your friends and family about eliminating stress in your life.

Eliminate Smoking

Everyone is familiar with the disadvantages of smoking and everyone knows that it is injurious to our health and can cause cancer. So it is not surprising to know that smoking can also affect badly on fibromyalgia patients. Nicotine has harmful effects on your whole body and it also affects the working of muscles.

So, you need to eliminate smoking as early as possible in order to ensure that your muscles are functioning at their peak. You should quit smoking step by step because stopping smoking all at once can be really overwhelming to the smoker.

All you need to do is decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke in your routine. you will feel a lot better by eliminating nicotine from your life.

 Dental Fillings

You might be asked this question by a dentist if you want to change your old fillings to newer ones. This question is often asked because the old fillings contain mercury and according to the research, mercury is really bad for you to have it in your mouth.

People who are suffering from fibromyalgia often find it effective to change their old fillings. They may feel better by doing this. You should also limit the other metals that you are exposed to on a regular basis as much as you can.

So, you should talk to your doctor to replace your old fillings on your next visit. Depending on the cost, it can take a few months or years, but getting the metal out of your body is worth it.

Minimize the menstrual Pain

The symptoms of the menstrual cycle can vary from cramps, pains, migraines, elevated blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and so on. Obviously, there is no way to eliminate our menstrual cycle without taking any strong measures, but we may reduce the monthly frustration and irritation of fibromyalgia.

Your health plays a role in lessening the menstrual pain. Drinking a lot of water before and during your menstrual cycle, adequate exercise, and eliminating caffeine can help in lessening the pain.

Water is necessary for us in every condition, but it is extremely helpful in lessening the menstrual cycle symptoms. You should drink at least 64 ounces per day in order to make sure that your body is eliminating waste and functioning at its best level.

Reducing exposure to Cold weather

Of course, it is not possible to eliminate all weather from our lives. Your fibromyalgia symptoms can be reduced in a warmer climate, so you can consider a warmer climate instead of a thing to move.

If you are living in an area that has all four seasons, you can try some things to reduce the effects of cold on your body. You can keep your home a little warmer than you normally do.

You can also invest in buying some warm blankets, warm slippers, and sweaters to wear. You can wear these things in your home also to make yourself feel better and warm. So, you should make sure that you have dressed up warmly in cold weather. Consider wearing gloves, a warm coat, and a hat when you are going outside.

Stop having a deskbound Lifestyle

Exercise is a key factor in having a healthy lifestyle. It also plays a strong role in eliminating fibromyalgia triggers. Your fibromyalgia symptoms are only going to get worse with the deskbound or inactive lifestyle, as it increases muscle stiffness and reduces the body’s flexibility.

If you eliminate an inactive lifestyle, it will help you with health benefits, weight loss, better circulation in the entire body, and less joint pain. It also may not be possible to jump directly into a highly active lifestyle. Take it slow.

Try to start doing walk on a regular basis for just 10-15 minutes and you will see a clear difference in how your body is feeling.

You have to take some careful considerations to fight against your fibromyalgia. Some of the triggers or all of the triggers can occur in people. Take some time to examine the things that make you feel worse or better.

Try to keep a journal for noticing your symptoms and observations about other things. Keep track of your water intake, exercise, and monthly menstrual cycle to decrease the triggers. Eliminate smoking from your life and consult with your doctor about the changes you can make in feeling better.

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