What is Xyrem? Does Xyrem help in treating Fibromyalgia?

Constant aches, pains and discomfort are felt by people with fibromyalgia. Fortunately, there are a lot of medications approved for fibromyalgia such as Lyrica that helps in dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. But unfortunately, these medications do not respond equally to every person.

A new drug has been discovered that help a lot of people who cannot take other fibromyalgia medications. One problem this medication has it is that it is not prescribed by the doctors and a lot of insurance companies haven’t covered it yet. Xyrem is this new medication. Originally, it was used to help patients with narcolepsy.

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As Xyrem was meant to get you into a deep sleep, recent studies have shown some positive results from Xyrem in people with fibromyalgia. When we get a full night sleep, we feel best and fresh, and people with fibromyalgia know that it gets impossible for them to sleep all night due to constant severe pain.

Xyrem is useful in solving this problem. You just need to take it two times per night that will get you into a deep sleep of almost 9 hours. Can you just imagine how well you will feel after a deep sleep? There are a lot of doctors who agree that this medication is effective for fibromyalgia people.

And many studies have proved this theory to be true. According to a study, patients felt less pain and improved energy after taking Xyrem for 3-4 weeks.

Why aren’t doctors prescribing it, if it is a miracle drug for fibromyalgia treatment? Well, the answer seems tricky. The root ingredients of Xyrem have a bad repute. Gamma Hydroxybutyrate or GHB is present in Xyrem. You may have heard about GHB in the news because it is related with the college-going people who offer this drug to other people illegally. It is morally wrong to misuse this narcolepsy medication. That is why doctors avoid prescribing it and getting it too much out into the public.

And this is also the reason you haven’t heard about Xyrem that it helps in treating fibromyalgia. But, doctors are not slowly accepting the fact that it is really effective for fibromyalgia sufferers. It can help in giving deep and restful sleep which allows the people to heal their mind and bodies.


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