New cannabis patch for fibromyalgia pain and diabetic nerve pain treatment

Two new medications have been developed for fibromyalgia pain and diabetic nerve pain treatment by a company specializing in cannabis-based medicines. A Transdermal patch is placed on the skin and into the blood stream for the medication of fibromyalgia pain and diabetic nerve pain.

The patch promote healing to an injured area of the body. As compared to other types of medication delivery such as oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular etc, transdermal drug delivery flight path is more advantageous.

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The patch used for the diabetic nerve pain treatment provides the patient with a controlled release of the medication into the patient, it can be provided to the patient via various forms such as:

  1. Through a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication.
  2. Body heat melting thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive which will be containing high potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract, this extract slowly enters in the blood stream and then penetrates the central nervous system of the patient delivering the pain relief sought.

The CEO of cannabis science, Mr. Raymond C. Dabney believes that the future of cannabis science is based on the development of these two new pharmaceutical medicinal applications.  The company is striving to enhance the land capacity for growth and facilities to manufacture its own products to supply to scientists with proprietary materials to make these formulations. On the other hand cannabis company is also busy in researching more potential needs for cannabis medical applications and introducing the methods for delivery of these medications.

Fibromyalgia is estimated to affect 2%-8% of the population while females are about double as likely to suffer from fibromyalgia condition. People with diabetic nerve pain and fibromyalgia experience chronic widespread pain and alarming pain response to pressure. Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is considered as damage or a disease affecting nerves which may impair sensation, movement, gland or organ function or other aspects of health depending on the type of nerves affected.

’CBD is the second major cannabinoid in marijuana after THC. Without the psychoactive effects that THC brings, it has anti-inflammatory and pain-reveling properties. MR Dabney also concludes that: ‘’ as more states nationwide legislate for the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived medications, here at Cannabis Science, the focus is on the development of pharmaceutical medications and applications to supply the huge growing demand expected over the coming few years.’’

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360 Responses

  1. Susan Miller says:

    I found this report very useful and inspiring. However… please please can you think of us and change the colour of your fonts from pale grey to black as grey is SO hard to read. So many websites and articles are using grey now and I know I’m not the only one who has huge problems with it! Thank you in advance!

  2. Frederick Franken says:

    Fred D Franken
    I am a 66 year old male that suffers from arthritic pain in the shoulders and also diabetic neuropathy of the feet which I have suffered with for many years. This CBD patch that you speak about… I would like more information about it and also where it can be purchased and how much it would cost.

  3. Linda Hammond says:

    We’re can I purchase the patch this article is referring to? I am in so much pain from my fibro and I know nothing about how to purchase cbd

  4. Linda Hammon says:

    This article is pretty useless without the 8nformation on were or how to order these patches as I see all of these comments are on asking how to buy!

  5. Leesa says:

    lVery interested. Would you be able to get information for me also are we able to order through you?

  6. Susana says:

    Hello please send me the website to order those patches… [email protected]

  7. Ethel Graham says:

    My name is ethel Graham I have 2 degenerate discs rite at my siatic sockets and one just below my shoulder blades I also have arthritis in both siatic sockets I would love to find anything that doesn’t knock me out

  8. Audrey says:

    Comcast. I need soo. Relief

  9. Joanne says:

    Hi I’d love to know how I can get this.
    I’m in the United Kingdom is it legal here.. I’d try anything to reduce pain x

  10. Steve says:

    Where can I get this I have severe nerve pain in my left foot.

  11. Sarah says:

    I really need to know how to get these patches. I suffer so bad with fibromyalgia, spinal breaks, osteo arthritis in my spine, bulging disc, arthritis through my joint, etc etc. Please can someone help me to get hold of these patches. Thank you.

  12. Joyce Thorne says:

    Can you use these if you on other medications please x

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