5 Gardening Tips for Fibromyalgia to make your spring better

If you are a fibromyalgia sufferer and dealing with pain and discomfort, you probably have given up a lot of things that were important to you and that give you some joy in life. You may have back out from many social activities, participating in recreational sports or stop doing all the family stuff. Some cases are also there in which you may have to quit your job to deal with your fibromyalgia. If gardening is your hobby and you enjoy doing it, don’t let fibromyalgia take this hobby away from your life. Following are the five gardening tips:

Grow a straight Garden

Usually, fibromyalgia pain stops you from doing a lot of walks and slouching. The amount of movement that is necessary to grow, maintain and harvest the garden is reduced drastically with a vertical or straight garden. There can be many forms of a straight garden and have dimensions that will make you more comforting. The need for reaching high or bending down will get eliminated if you don’t want to.

Grow plants in Tall containers

Growing plants in tall containers in the garden is another way to eliminate all the bending. Place those plants close to sitting benches so that you can take rest, as you apply the fertilizers, cropped plants or clip the fresh flowers for indoors lazily.

Grow your Indoor Herb Garden

It is one of the most favorite tips of gardening because if you grow an indoor herb garden it will be easier for you to garden and to enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking. It doesn’t take a lot to set it up. These potted herbs can be placed in an indoor window box for the kitchen window, or they can be placed right near the cooking area. You just need to water them every day and clip off the fresh herbs that you need.

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Invest in a Sun Canopy

Fibromyalgia sufferers can have this true value with the sun canopies that we see in magazines and on TV. Sometimes, strong heat is the trigger for fibro flare-ups in many of the patients, as it is a source of severe pain and discomfort. You can enjoy giving water to your potted plants under the cool shade of canopy or shade. Consider planting those plants that don’t need to be in full sun.

Avoid the season of High Pollen

Fibromyalgia patients are often affected by the allergies. You should give attention to the local weather forecast. When the pollen count is high, try to avoid the gardening outdoors. Usually, pollen is high in spring, but the region in which you are living has its own distinctiveness that is based in natural trees and plants there.

You have already eliminated many of your favorite things due to fibromyalgia. Don’t let fibromyalgia also eliminate this refreshing and calming activity from your life. You can use these gardening tips to enjoy growing fruits, vegetables and flowers of your choice.

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