Things People with Fibromyalgia Want for Valentine’s Day

We asked our Fibromyalgia Community that “If you have fibromyalgia, what’s one thing you really want for Valentine’s Day?” After more than 300 answers, it is clear that the best gift they want comes without a price tag. Almost all the fibromyalgia warriors wish for comfort, love, happiness, family support and their understanding. Read the most common answers below:

1. “A day with no exhaustion or pain.”

2. “6 to 8 hours sleep without pain!”

3. “To remember how it feels not to be in pain.”

4. “Friends and family to understand my pain.”

5. “To be able to cuddle into my man without the enviable pain.”

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6. “To feel good and to be able to cuddle with my kids without saying ‘that’s enough now I’m sore’.”

7. “A full body pillow! I need the comfort.”

8. “Enough energy to take a shower and to go for dinner with my husband.”

9. “A big bunch of pain relieving roses!”

10. “A housekeeper to deep clean and organize my apartment while I get pampered by a massage, hair and nails.”

11. “My husband to actually understand I’m not putting him off. It’s just physically impossible sometimes.”

12. “An electric blanket and some chocolates.”

13. “A pain-free day on the couch, watching movies with my hubby.”

14. “A vacation with my husband, somewhere warm and beautiful.”

15. “Gift certificate to get a massage.”

16. “Bubble bath followed by a full body massage to end up in bed with a heating pad, roses and pizza.”

17. “Roomba vacuum to clean the house while I rest.”

18. “A cure for my pain.”

19. “I would love to have a couple dance with my partner without any pain.”

20. “I wish my doctor understand that fibromyalgia is a real chronic condition.”

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  1. JGL says:

    I’ve spent the past couple of years telling the nurse & Doctor I don’t sleep more than 2.5 hours because the pain wakes me up. The pain is out of control, I don’t know what to do. Went into therapy because I gave up. Felt like I was in the middle of a crowded room screaming HELP and no one was listening. Turns out she was a GP that did not believe in Fibromyalgia until they recently discovered the cause. Medical industry did not notify me of this, Women With Fibromyalgia did. I was at my mental end.

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