Physical Changes in the Body of Fibromyalgia

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  1. Brenda Dodge says:

    Hello Julia, It hits the nail on the head. I had to stop working a year ago and very disappointed that I had too. I hate to try to go to stores and people not being very nice, that brings the hateful side of me out. I’ve never been like this before. I was a early morning person, power walker, Happy go lucky person, did all the gardening, flowers and hung Christmas lights and so much more. It has changed so much for me that it was very hard to take, I’m coming around a little bit now, but miss all the things I used to do. I am grateful to wake up of a morning and do try to do all I can with no help. I’m learning so much from your post that I welcome them and keep them coming. Thank you again for helping me understand more and being able to work through it all. Best wishes to you.

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