Lyrica For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Approved By FDA

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3 Responses

  1. Kim Lavallee says:

    Please, in your article you NEED to also note the negative side effects that Lyrica can have and there are many of them

  2. Sharon Barnes says:

    Lyrica is not a new drug. I have taken it for some time. It does help but it also packs on weight no matter what you do. I go on and off it but have been using it instead of opiods for pain. I cannot take Gabapentin. What is left pain relief and getting bigger and bigger with time or a lifetime of severe nerve and muscle pain?

  3. Lorri Speiran says:

    I am on Lyrica…..I have not gained weight, albeit I am on a low dose and it does make me sleepy at bedtime. I used to be on a huge amount and yes gained weight then. I also use cannabis and thus do not need meds as much. I take nothing for pain other than the above.

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