What Are The Possible Causes of Primary Fibromyalgia

Author: Mariam Irfan

A very serious and overwhelming disorder that affects one out of twenty Americans is extremely peculiar disease Fibromyalgia. A muscular-skeletal pain that spreads all over the body and often paired with several symptoms and states like chronic fatigue, occasional memory loss, severe mood alterations and irregular sleeping patterns is defined as fibromyalgia.

The medical researchers have agreed on the point that people with fibromyalgia sometimes can be affected by heightened painful sensations that cause the brain to become overly receptive of the pain flares and fatigue may develop.

Female are much affected by this disease than men. The patients often complain about  tension, headaches or migraines ,certain joint disorder known as “temporomandibular joint disorder” and sometimes irritable bowel syndrome can be paired with, or possibly caused by fibromyalgia.

Feelings of anxiety and more severe states of depression have been found in patients with fibromyalgia. The root source of fibromyalgia has not been confirmed yet. However a severe physical trauma, major surgery and lot of emotional stress  has been noted as symptoms associated to fibromyalgia.

On some occasions it has also been discovered that an infection may also trigger the fibromyalgia symptoms. No verified cure of fibromyalgia has been discovered yet but there are options available that help to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder.

Several medications and a few natural or home remedies have been used to treat the symptoms and somehow lead to success to cure the level of discomfort.

Proper exercise, adoption of a healthy diet, stress reliving activities and some tested relaxation methods can help soothing or easing the severe levels of pain.

Primary Fibromyalgia

Primary fibromyalgia, also termed as “idiopathic fibromyalgia” can be quite difficult to treat because there are no solid clues about how the disorder triggered. That’s why medical professionals have strayed from calling primary fibromyalgia a disease and have suggested to call it a dysfunctional disorder.

The effects of biological responses from the body to stress have been documented as cause of primary fibromyalgia. People who have negative and high responses to the stress are at greater risk of the disease.

According to research nearly thirty percent of children develop this disease whose mothers are diagnosed with fibromyalgia.. The study was done on children that never developed the disorder and have no psychological disorder but still diagnosed with the problem.

Another research documented that nearly two-thirds of the parents’ experience some time of chronic pain whose children have fibromyalgia disorder. Of these parents, about ten percent of their children were reported as having fibromyalgia.

The closeness of a family cannot be associated as a primary factor, but it should be noted that the severity of symptoms in children that had been diagnosed with the disorder and had parents that had more issue in coping with their offspring’s pain was quite higher than those who had more supportive and emotionally available parents.

Chronic Sleep Disturbances

Medical researchers and experts have reported that many patients that have been diagnosed with the disorder have irregular and disturbed sleeping pattern. These people have complained their physicians about disturbed sleep before they are diagnosed by the disorder

In order to find connection of irregular sleeping patterns and primary fibromyalgia disorder several studies has been conducted. A voluntary study on people that had never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but did report they had the same pains associated to the fibromyalgia disorder after they had been subjects of disrupted deep sleeping has been performed.

It can be documented through this study and several other researches that disturbances in a person’s deep sleep at night could be a very possible factor that triggers the body’s immune system and eventually causes the pain and inflammation that is commonly associated with primary fibromyalgia disorder.

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The most common of all widespread muscular pain is primary fibromyalgia. The disorder currently affects nearly two percent of the population. Women are reported to be two thirds of all individuals that have been diagnosed with the fibromyalgia disorder.

To point to an exact cause for the reporting that women are more prone to the disorder than men, there is still no verifiable research. It has also been evidenced that the severity of the fibromyalgia disorder is significantly high in the women as compared to men.

Some research and studies shows that those people are more likely to develop the disorder whose relatives have such issues. While the disorder is quite an unusual one, the rate of disorders is becoming more and more widespread in many populations, including female children. Before finding a proper ailment researches must be done to find out its root cause.

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