Tender Point Check-up For Fibromyalgia

It is very difficult to diagnose the problem of fibromyalgia. Because the pain a person perceives varies distinctively, so when a doctor or physician checks on aches and pains and inquire about their feelings, the result they conclude are not sufficient to give an adequate analysis in order to make a perfect diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

There are several specific points in the body known as tender points; their examination can help a doctor or physician in their efforts to provide their patient with an accurate and carefully painstaking diagnosis.

If a person is suffering from some ailment like fibromyalgia, the tender points got the high intensity of pain or may sometimes get sore when pressure is applied to them. Moreover, in some cases when pressure is applied to the tender points the pain may travel to other parts of the body.

There are total eighteen tender points on the body, but because of symmetrical structure of the body, they are paired in groups. According to the American College of Rheumatology, when pressure is applied to the tender points and at least eleven of them got affected due to it then the patient is suspected to have fibromyalgia.

The Neck (Back and Front)

When the analysis is done the first part examined is for those that are suffering from the fibromyalgia disorder. The tender point may be located on the back or front of the neck. The back point is particularly the place where the neck and the base of the head or skull connect.

Some specific injuries, cases of rheumatoid arthritis, and activities that cause the neck to sprain such as deep slouching and discomfited sleeping positions could be responsible for such pain.

The front of the neck is also examined for patients that could potentially have fibromyalgia. Touching this tender point can cause unusual pain. Either side of the neck can act as tension trigger points. They are located above the collarbone and on each side of the larynx.

The Chest 

People develop tender points on each side of the sternum who suffer from fibromyalgia. The tender points can cause severe pain and sometimes anxiety a few inches below the collarbone and very close the second rib. This is the point where lungs and heart are protected so the pain can be highly severe and risky.

The Shoulders

There are two tender points just above the upper back that are highly referred to be examined for fibromyalgia expected people. These two highly sensitive tender points are located between the edges of the shoulders and the very bottom of the neck. These points are most susceptible to pain because the neck, shoulders, and back are always in motion for every range body executes. Sleeping disorders and disrupt sleeping habits can be achieved due to the pain in these tender points.

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The Upper Back

The point where the body’s tendons and muscles are connected, there exist the typical tender points. There are two such points located on the upper part of the back. The point where the body’s back muscles are connected to the shoulder blades is two tender points. These specific tension points can cause severe distress levels and will affect sleep.

The Lower Back

The pain in the lower back is very common and affects many people having fibromyalgia or not. It is reported that almost twenty-five percent of the United States adult population experience lower back pain to some degree. The difference is that the people with fibromyalgia will find painful trigger points on the very top of their buttocks while people with common lower back pain don’t have such tender points. The tension points can be located at the bottom of the lower back where the back meets the buttocks.

The Arms

There is no specific tender point located on the biceps, but the arms still subject to pain. The arm will have muscle pain rather than the joint pain. The tension point is located on the forearm, near that creasing point on the elbow.

Another tension point is located on the pivot point of the elbow on the outer and opposite side of the arm. When a physician or doctor checks these points in order to diagnose fibromyalgia, it is seen that the pain in an elbow or elbow joint is stemming from injuries that have been reinjured or simple tendonitis.

The Hips

The common symptom of osteoarthritis is the hip pain, but who experience this pain feel it in the joints of the hips rather than on the hips.  The difference lies in the condition that fibromyalgia patients will feel pain near their buttocks. The point where the muscles curve and meet the thigh muscles will have the tender points in the buttocks muscles.

The Knees

The very common type of pain that affects many people usually with the growing age is the knee pain. The crucial ligaments such as ACL and MCL or tendons in the knee usually got pain and cause a problem for people, but the fibromyalgia patients will have pain in the specific points. Fibromyalgia patients will have pain and tension points inside of knee or the knee cap and they feel intensively painful to touch.

A thorough examine for all these tender points is done for proper analysis and exact diagnosis of the disorder. Those having fibromyalgia disorder report to have pain and fatigue in these tender points so they are examined with the regularity and care. There are more painful points for people affected by fibromyalgia and their proper examine will help physician for appropriate diagnosis of the disorder.

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