Role of blood testing in Fibromyalgia

There has been discovered a new blood test for fibromyalgia that is more accurate than the previous one, as this new discovery will not mix up fibromyalgia with other diseases.

It is important to note why it is so hard to diagnose fibromyalgia, so we can get to know how much hard it was to develop this new blood test and why is it so revolutionary in the medical field.

Diagnosis of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is such a condition in which there are a lot of symptoms like pain, depression, aching, fatigue and anxiety throughout the body. The reason for finding it difficult to diagnose is that a lot of its symptoms are same as the symptoms of other diseases. Each of the symptoms has to be under consideration to officially say that either the person has fibromyalgia or not.

It is also difficult to diagnose fibromyalgia because we have no clear method of diagnosing it. Moreover, there is no clear understanding of fibromyalgia for doctors. Patients have to visit a lot of doctors to diagnose this disease and during this procedure, symptoms will become even worse.

New Blood test

It is true that there are fewer laboratory tests that are effective in diagnosing fibromyalgia. Recently, there has been a discovery of a new blood test manufactured by Epic genetics (a lab in California) that seems to be accurate than others. This blood test identifies markers in the blood cells that are present in people with fibromyalgia.

This blood test is very expensive, selling under $1000. Many insurance companies are not covering it also. You should consult your doctor before taking the blood test. Doctors were attempting and still attempting to diagnose fibromyalgia with some physical tests like identifying tender and a sore point in your body, before this discovery.

Some other tests were also taken by doctors like ordering a complete blood count and measuring of the red and white cells etc. however, neither of these tests was proved to be effective in diagnosing fibromyalgia.

This test is considered to be the very definitive blood test for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and can complete the procedure in one week. The protein molecules are searched in the bloodstream. White blood cells produce these molecules. Fewer molecules are present in the bloodstream of people with fibromyalgia. People having fibromyalgia as well as people with other diseases have these immune system biomarkers.

Usually, less level of these protein molecules that this blood test searches for is present in fibromyalgia patients. There are some patterns that show some symptoms of fibromyalgia in people but have high levels of these protein molecules. These people probably don’t have fibromyalgia. This blood test has proved to be 90% accurate in detecting and revealing the protein molecules in the bloodstream.

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It is not a small thing to have fibromyalgia. More than 6 million people are affected by it, but only a few people have taken the test. Maybe the high cost can be the reason as it is not covered by insurance companies as well. Another reason might be that it is new and will take some time to enter into the world.

A lot of doctors are working on this blood test and found it to be effective for people with fibromyalgia and want to increase its appeal. They believe that they can cut down its price by licensing this test to other labs as well.

It could be seen that this new blood test will be successful for people, as people will be curious that only a single test will tell us that whether they are having fibromyalgia or not, instead of spending months to observe the symptoms and then diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Previously, it was a hell difficult to diagnose fibromyalgia and still, we have less knowledge about it. So, this Epic Genetic blood test seems to be a success in the medical field. More research has been made and more things need to be uncovered. We might need to know which particular genes are present in people that developed this disorder. We might come closer to the real cause of fibromyalgia by doing more and more tests.

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