Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Reveals Fibromyalgia Diagnosis After Years of Pain

Former Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Eason shared her health diagnosis after years of painful suffering.

After years of pain, suffering, and multiple tests, Jenelle Evans Eason finally has a health diagnosis. In an exclusive interview with E! News, she revealed that she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

She shared her painful experience. She was suffering from bad tension headaches and body aches, like she would have the severe flu yet was not sick. Among other issues, she was also suffering from sinus problems, neck and back pain. Her entire body was in so much pain and still, sometimes she lays in bed and cried. For a very long time, no one believed in her symptoms until she got diagnosed by a neurologist recently.

She is 30 years old mom of three and she is documenting her health journey on YouTube, sharing her health experience. She said that for months her neck kept cracking over and over again suffering from headaches. Living life with such a chronic illness is challenging because getting work done with so little amount of energy is difficult. And going to bed early because of headaches and body aches.

After diagnosis, she is so relieved knowing the reason why her body was acting like this, and since her diagnosis, her life is looking up. She had no idea what fibromyalgia was and what were its symptoms until her doctor diagnosed her.

Now to manage her symptoms, she will have to make new diet plans. She is researching foods to stay away from and foods that are beneficial for her condition. Her husband is very supportive in her situation according to Jenelle, he drives her back and forth to her doctor’s, helps in cooking and cleaning and other household responsibilities. She shares with E! News about her kids’ reactions to her condition.

She told her kids that some days will be good and some will be bad with fibromyalgia. She wants her kids to have patience with her on her bad days. She promises her kids that she will make up for the bad days on good days. She talks a lot about her health problem with her kids to let them know they don’t have to worry. That some days won’t be good but she will get through it.

She is suffering from fibromyalgia and is motivated to get through her condition, along with her husband and kids. They are all motivated and supportive of her and they will do their best to keep her relaxed and relieved during her time of chronic illness. She is most likely to get through her bad days with her family by her side.

Fibromyalgia is proven to be an illness with no cure other than a healthy diet, exercise, and things like acupressure mats, etc., and they are all proven to be useful in relieving the pain. It is highly suggested that she have a healthy diet and exercise a lot which is useful in the long run.


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