Lyrica May Ease Pain for Depressed Fibromyalgia Patients

Fibromyalgia is a confusing topic in which some questions are still unanswered.

In last few decades we have seen some important improvements in the perception of this syndrome, but still medical professionals and researchers are not being able to agree on what are the exact symptoms and causes that lead to the development of this syndrome.

While some medical specialist seems to believe that it is impossible to link Fibromyalgia to a clear set of symptoms, other researchers are still working on how to decide which symptoms are typical for Fibromyalgia and which ones develop along with comorbid conditions.

Fibromyalgia is a difficult disease to diagnose because of the reasons mentioned above. Most of the times medical professionals are misguided by the process of development of certain symptoms which are more close to other conditions and of course that every patient tends to be different.

In reality, certain patients show entirely different symptoms from what we think is common in a way they may not even appear to be anything like Fibromyalgia.

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One of the most common condition is chronic depression with which Fibromyalgia is comorbid and which it is very often mistaken. Nowadays very often professionals agree that Fibromyalgia is a stand-alone condition for depression but in past, it was considered to be its actual form.

Nevertheless, few researchers still believe that depression can be a risk or a cause factor for those who are suffering from Fibromyalgia.

The connection between these two conditions and their symptoms is somehow still unknown, while one thing being sure that they “appear” together in a large number of cases.

For correct treatment, proper diagnosis as early as possible is very crucial. As Fibromyalgia and chronic depression are quite similar, so the prescribed treatment in these cases can seem to be very common also.

However, what makes the two different is pain. Very often in these cases, patients who are suffering from only depression will not require painkillers, but for the patients of Fibromyalgia, they will probably need anti-depressants.

As we know a lot of the anti-depressants out there cannot be taken with powerful analgesics, this creates a problem for many patients. However, latest research has shown that Lyrica(a drug manufactured by Pfizer) is very useful for patients suffering from both chronic depression and Fibromyalgia combined.

Actually, this drug is not a proper anti-depressant but it works in a unique way and decreases the number of signals nerves sent and receive. This relieves the chronic pain of patients having Fibromyalgia.

It is worth mentioning that Fibromyalgia is the most common agreed upon syndrome related to the nerves, and how they perceive the pain signals. So conclusively for those who are suffering from this syndrome, Lyrica can prove to be actually helpful.

Moreover, Lyrica has been prescribed for a long time for patients having diabetic neuropathy or other types of medical conditions that may cause severe nerve pain.

To see if Lyrica can be a befitted treatment for patients with Fibromyalgia, researchers ran two major tests recently. Same results were demonstrated by both tests, although the second test is slightly different from the first one as it was run on patients who were taking antidepressants also.

Nonetheless, In both of the cases, Lyrica showed positive effects and as a result, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) endorsed it as a drug that can be advised for this syndrome.

Besides helping with pain-relieving, this drug can also help the patients with Fibromyalgia in many other ways. For example, it can ease sleeping troubles and have a calming effect on these people. Patients for whom Lyrica has shown a favorable effect have been reported to be able to do what they used to do when they weren’t suffering from this syndrome.

Although, you should keep in mind that there is a reason Lyrica is a medically prescribed drug and that it may not be okay for you to take it without prescription. If you are suffering from other medical conditions and you take different drugs for it, Lyrica(or any other drug) can become dangerous for you and you should tell your doctor about a drug you have been previously taking.

For instance, if the drugs for blood pressure are taken with Lyrica, it can lead to hives and swelling. On the same side, few diabetes drugs can cause swelling as well as weight gain if combined with Lyrica.

More importantly, drinking alcohol while you are on this drug is absolutely impermissible. Same as driving after taking Lyrica is very dangerous and not suggested, as it can make you lightheaded and drowsy also it can minimize your attention on the road.

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