Does Cannabis really an effective Fibromyalgia treatment?

People who suffer from fibromyalgia know well how pain can be so overwhelming. Sometimes, you are just unable to perform the routine activities due to the severe pain.  And there are times when you can do just one thing that is staying in the bed all day. There are also times when it feels like the pain will go away soon.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that is mysterious and difficult to understand. It also gets misdiagnosed with other medical conditions, as we don’t know the actual cause of fibromyalgia and even the pain that occurs has no clear answer. There are some doctors who believe that fibromyalgia is not real, it’s all in the head. But, a person who is suffering from this syndrome, for 5 million Americans, or for that person you love that has fibromyalgia knows how much real this pain is.

Is it really possible to understand Fibromyalgia?

We don’t know the actual nature of fibromyalgia at the moment. The causes of this syndrome are still unknown in the 21st century when there have been a lot of technological advancements out there when a lot of researchers have been done. Obviously, there are some factors on which researchers are working on, but they cannot just confirm the one cause, that leads to developing fibromyalgia. Genetics, chemical imbalances of body, insomnia, stressful events that involves both physical and emotional one and many other things are included in these risk factors. However, neither of these risk factors has explained clearly why people suffer from fibromyalgia, why a lot of symptoms occur and why they vary a lot.

Mostly, all the treatments are used to treat the symptoms separately. From 2007, three drugs have been approved by FDA for treating fibromyalgia and are thought of as effective treatments. Lyrica, Cymbalta and Savella are these drugs and they function with neurotransmitters that deal with pain in the body (serotonin, to be more actual). Savella is the first drug that was initially approved for fibromyalgia, while the other two were initially created to treat diabetes, shingles rashes, depression, anxiety and seizures.

These drugs proved to be effective for fibromyalgia sufferers. But they do have some side effects with them. Two of these drugs are anti-depressants in nature, so they do have some effects of these like excessive sleeping or insomnia, weight gain or loss, suicidal thoughts or sweating. So, before taking any medication, it is important to understand all the circumstances because some of them can worsen the situation.

Cannabis: is it an effective treatment?

There are some topics that are in debate as well as its legality like cannabis. Recently, recreational marijuana has been legalized in some states of U.S, but medical marijuana is legal in 23 states of U.S. In addition to this, medical cannabis has also been around for a long time.

Chinese were the first who mentioned it in 2727 BC. After that, Greeks and Romans knew the properties of this plant. It was also used for spiritual purposes by Native Americans. Further, a lot of legal medications were based on cannabis in the 19th century.

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Before the 20th century, the cannabis was started to consider as a harmful plant and in the 1930s, marijuana was considered as illegal in all American states. Later on, medical marijuana was again considered as legal in some states in the 1990s. However, even laws put marijuana under “compassionate treatment” and legalized it for medical use has been in contradiction with the federal laws too.

If your doctor has prescribed you cannabis, you can then, only buy it and also in those states that allow this. If you have a prescription, you will be put on the list of people who can but marijuana and you will get it from the legal and authorized medical stores.

It has been proved that medical marijuana is effective for all kinds of chronic pain. A study was conducted in which many patients were given marijuana treatment of different dosages and also given a placebo. When they asked the patients which treatment worked effectively on their pain? Majority of the people agreed that the effective dosage was the largest one and they didn’t know which the largest dosage was. Seemingly, many symptoms were affected by cannabinoids in marijuana like depression, anxiety, pain and many more. This study proved that this plant is effective for treating fibromyalgia sufferers.

There are some disbelievers who are doubtful about the medical marijuana’s benefits that can be effective for patients. These people say that either marijuana does not show any real benefit or the side effects of this are worse than the symptoms occur in the patients. The major concerns about cannabis are that is thought to cause hallucinations, numbness, lung problems, vomiting, addiction and increased blood pressure. These all are not safe for patients with fibromyalgia.

Moreover, it is also important to note that the drug which is based on cannabis has been approved, i.e. Marinol, but this drug includes out of the hundreds of cannabinoids that marijuana contains which means that this drug may not be as effective as the real plant itself. However, do not take medical marijuana, if you are not comfortable to take it in any way. Only do those things that seem comfortable for you. Take a note that which treatment is suitable for you.

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