Fibromyalgia treatments that work for you

Fibromyalgia Treatments

There has to be a lifelong investment for fibromyalgia treatments. However, quick remedies and long-term treatments have equal importance. When painful flare-ups arise unexpectedly, only short-term remedies can suppress.

This article is written to tell you about short-term remedies that enhance pain management among people with fibromyalgia.

Importance of short-term treatments

If you are having a long-term treatment, what is the point in having short-term treatments? There are sometimes, in which you feel severe, symptomatic flare-ups that make you feel devastated or even motionless. Stress, poor diet, poor sleeping patterns and lack of exercise can make these flare-ups occur. You need a quick relief method to get out of it.


Aerobic exercise is one of the effective short-term methods of pain relief. A lot of studies have proved it to be effective. Exercise can make you feel light, lift up your mood, increase the energy and releases pain. Moreover, exercise is thought to be a necessity.

Some people have this false impression of exercise that it is dangerous. Most often, patients with fibromyalgia have lack of muscular strength and healthiness that is important for exercise. But, exercise is a thing that cannot be dismissed due to this pain and weakness.

It is rather powerful enough that it competes with both traditional medicine and homeopathic therapies. We can get a lot of benefits from an exercise like reduction in stress, increased flexibility, hypertrophy, endorphin releasing, muscle recovery and healing and pain reduction as well. There is a clear difference between a self-sufficient patient and an overwhelmed sufferer.

Do not feel any fear of injury during exercise. If you do feel that, increase the timing of exercise without overwhelming yourself.


It is also a short-term remedy. The nerve pathways that transmit painful messages all over the body are compressed by this short-term course of treatment. There are different pressure points that are connected with the parallel areas of pain. You can hinder the transmission of pain signals and trigger endorphin release by activating these pressure points. Therefore, acupressure can benefit you when medicines fail to lessen the symptoms.


It is a chemical compound that is present in pepper plants. It can be found in many commercialized foods and cayenne pepper as well. The painful symptoms are diminished by this unique forerunner. Therefore, capsaicin may be an effective solution when painful flare-ups arise.

Steroid Injections

Both tension and pain in localized muscle groups are released quickly with these injections. You can get benefit from it if you are suffering from tender points or intense pain.

Muscle relaxant

It is used to alleviate pain and anxiety in a number of muscle groups.

Deep tissue massage and Shiatsu Massage

Massage therapy is also a famous method in managing pain. Fibromyalgia patients say that it is one of the effective remedies for their condition.

It takes some time to see the noticeable results in some massages. For instance, avoid deep tissue massage, if you want an immediate relief because stiffness and pain last for 1-2 days. Yet, this massage has a lot of benefits in the long run like relaxed muscles, improved connective tissue, and muscular recovery. Also, you have an improved circulation.

Shiatsu massage is another good option instead of deep tissue massage. You can get immediate desired results, as this method involves stretches, pressure, and massage strokes. This method is used in Japanese culture for a very long time. Pain signals get improved and nerve pathways get better.


Central sensitization (a phenomenon of the central nervous system) is experienced in patients with fibromyalgia. The spinal cells get inflamed and pathways are distorted due to the occurrence of central sensitization. Due to this, fibromyalgia pain arises.

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You can experience a mild reduction in painful symptoms due to meditation. There are long-term changes in neural pathways and central nervous system get calm by meditation.


It is also a famous form of pain therapy. For fibromyalgia patients, it is a reliable source of homeopathic wellness. Small needles are injected in particular areas of the body and are adjusted to activate pathways of energy and in this way, blockages are removed.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Fibromyalgia sufferers have a severe psychological impact on pain. This phenomenon is more of a psychological influence. The unpleasant effects occur because of the psyche and emotional centers of the brain combine pain with “suffering” and hurting. If there are no emotions or labels, the presence of pain would stop make suffering in people.

A lot of people use cognitive behavioral therapy, but the question arises, how could this therapy be effective for chronic illness?

Cortisol and blood pressure increases when the pain gets more by stress and anxiety. Moreover, our expectations, perception, and outlook are influenced by the brain and when a person faces some suffering; his mind starts to find some proofs to validate the initial expectations.

This therapy is proved to shape one’s perception and responses to the unpleasant events. It can help in shifting awareness away from suffering. You can do it by yourself as well. This therapy is used for many conditions:

Negative thought: there are so much discomfort and pain in my life and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I am living an overwhelming life.

Positive thought: I am ready to accept my condition. I will try to manage my symptoms with medications, exercises, and therapies. I will choose happiness over my pains.

Ginseng: It is also a natural remedy that fibromyalgia patient uses. Endorphins are released with the stimulation of Ginseng, which is like natural painkillers with the effect of opiate on pain.

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