Fibromyalgia sufferers have a greater corneal sensitivity

There is a link between fibroomyalgia and cornea. This was shown by a study conducted in Turkey and published by Eye. Those with this syndrome have a greater corneal sensitivity, with symptoms similar to those of the dry eye

People suffering from fibromyalgia would also have increased corneal sensitivity and eye pain. This is what emerges from a study conducted by Turkish researchers led by Veysel Aykut of the Istanbul Medeniyet University School of Medicine.

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The researchers conducted a detailed ophthalmic examination, measuring the tear film breakage time and performing the Schirmer test without anesthetic, on 30 women and six men with fibromyalgia, with an average age of 47 years. As a control group, scientists considered 33 women and six healthy men. Both groups included people without eye conditions. Aykut and colleagues quantified the discomfort in the participants using the score known as the ocular surface disease index (Osdi) and then determined the corneal sensitivity through the Cochet-Bonnet extensometer.

Results showed that in fibromyalgia patients, corneal sensitivity was significantly higher compared to controls in the central, upper and lower regions. Furthermore, the Osdi score was significantly higher, 19.89 versus 6.13 recorded in the controls. “The symptoms reported are similar to those of the dry eye”, comment the authors of the study.

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