Fibromyalgia and Yeast Infection together

Women who are suffering from yeast infections and fibromyalgia are unable to decide either the medication for one disease is causing the other or the other one is a natural predecessor to a flare-up.

This could be the case for both. It is becoming clear that having the treatment of either of these conditions can help stop the occurrence of the other, as we are discovering more and more about yeast infections and fibromyalgia.

About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic syndrome and has a lot of symptoms that can lead to psychological distress too. Severe pain is experienced in the major joints of people who suffer from it. These major joints include spine, hips, neck and in the areas which are pressed, sleep problems, morning stiffness, depression, brain fog and recurrent yeast infection.

Who is facing risk?

Anyone can suffer from fibromyalgia, men or women, teenager or even older ones. Some cases are there in which children also develop it. The causes of fibromyalgia are still unknown. But there are certain risk factors like if you have a family history of fibromyalgia, there are more chances of developing fibromyalgia, or if you have suffered from a severe trauma like a car accident, losing someone or some major illnesses that overwhelm the immune system.

About Yeast Infection

When the healthy bacteria that keep in check the natural yeast in the body disappears or gets disabled in some way, it causes yeast infection. Ph balance in the body can get disrupted by it and several problems can occur like swelling, itching, stiffness and muscle pain. A lot of people consider yeast infections to be connected with vaginal yeast infections, but that is only one type.

Yeast infections can occur in men and women in equal proportions. It has treatment in which elements are introduced to suppress the yeast growth and allowing the healthy bacteria to grown again. There are many probiotic supplements that aim at promoting healthy bacteria to grow in the intestine, due to which yeast infections are prevented that are more common in digestive area than reproductive organs.

Does Yeast Infection is a symptom or one condition Cause the other?

The misbalancing between healthy bacteria in the digestive and reproductive system and yeast causes yeast infection. And there is no specific cause of Fibromyalgia but is considered to be an immune system disorder. This is why it has a lot of symptoms. Every person who suffers from recurring yeast infections will not probably have fibromyalgia.

But people with fibromyalgia suffer from yeast infection at some time. It is considered that yeast infection may be a fibromyalgia symptom, as it occurs from the imbalance of immune system working. Some of the medications that are used to treat fibromyalgia may also have yeast infection as a side effect.

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How to prevent yeast infection while managing the treatment of fibromyalgia?

Medications for pain and inflammation are a part of standard treatment for fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, yeast infection can be caused by some of these medications. Healthy bacteria can be killed also if you are not using antibiotics for your fibromyalgia. Due to which yeast will overgrow in the body. The same is the case with the medications used to treat IBS that is sometimes the part of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, as it also increases the amount of yeast.

What if the antibiotics are not used?

If you are not taking any antibiotics for fibromyalgia and you still suffer from the recurring yeast infection, you need to look for other provoking causes of it. Fibromyalgia is a persistent syndrome. Fibromyalgia can lead to increased susceptibility to infections. Exercising and healthy diet is the best way to handle this.

Lifestyle changes and Diet

Diet and exercise play a key role to control flare-ups and reduced symptoms with both yeast infections and fibromyalgia. When you are suffering from some infection of inflammation, it is not easy for you to get into new habits with the way you eat and move. You should do it step by step to approach it.

You need to get you pain and infection under control and then begin with making changes. You will feel that your pain and other symptoms are getting better once you start making the changes. Using treatments and methods in a cycle is a key to manage fibromyalgia. No cure has been discovered yet but there are a number of treatments that when used together, provides a better result.

Watching extracts

By eating well doesn’t mean just eating healthy or something, you need to watch what is in your food and is it a balanced diet? All of us know that the intake of MSG, nitrates and sugar should be avoided. Now, we all should also know that there is a relation between fibromyalgia and food extracts too.

Yeast infections can get intensified by these same food additives by disrupting the balance between healthy bacteria and yeast in the body. Before trying natural supplements that are used to treat yeast, you should use caution and make sure your general doctor and alternative treatment doctor together prescribe you to avoid any interactions.

Show honesty with your doctor

We still believe that yeast infections are something that happens to women, and most often we don’t mention it to our physicians. Yeast is present in the entire body and men can suffer from it in equal proportion. You need to talk honestly with your doctor and tell about every single symptom and pain that you are having if you want to get relief from fibromyalgia and yeast infection. You can also switch to another doctor to whom you are comfortable with, if you ever feel like you are not comfortable with your present doctor.

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