Doctors of fibromyalgia warn: ‘Tramadol is killing more lives than any other drug’

Thousands of people take tramadol prescription as a painkiller and it is more adverse and is killing more people every day than any other drug, even including heroin and cocaine.

The effect of drug on body, depends on its usage. Like when analgesic is mixed with other drugs or alcohol than it becomes very vulnerable but if analgesic is taken precisely, it does not cause any harm.

In Northern Ireland, 33 deaths were related only to the use of Tramadol and among the dead was a 70-year-old retiree and a 16-year-old girl. It clearly shows that the use of this drug do not depends on, what age group people can use it but on the safe prescribed method of its consumption. To treat severe or moderate pain, the opioid-based medication is used with prescription. In 2014, a drug was classified that it can not be allocated without a prescription, was class “C” opoid.

Main issue is that many people who are addicted to the use of this dangerous drug; Tramadol, are in regular routines to obtain it from the black market because they can not get more prescriptions for having finished their treatments, and also because their doctor has prescribed another medication and they can not go with the previous one to whom they are obsessed.

“Being a medication so commonly used and so prescribed, I do not think people realize the potential risk they have when they take Tramadol without medical supervision,” explains Professor Jack Crane, a pathologist from the State of Northern Ireland.

Crane required that the Tramadol classification be updated again so that the adverse one can not be consumed, so that it is updated to class “A”.

Pain management: tolerance and addiction
Some prescribed medicines used to treat pain can be addictive. Addiction is different from physical dependence and tolerance.

⦁ In cases of physical dependence, when any substance is suddenly suspended withdrawal symptoms occur.

⦁ Tolerance occurs when the starting dose of a substance loses its potency over time.

Some people develop different psychological and behavioral response with the use of narcotic pain medicines, and this is what we called addiction.

Although the use of some prescribed narcotic drugs have effect of addiction like tolerance and physical dependance on the people, but it means they are not addicted because this effect is only in a very small percentage, because they are used with appropriate medical administration.

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Opioid analgesics work by cohering to the receptors in the brain, which as a result blocks the sensation of pain and its effects are similar to those of opium or morphine.

They should not be used for more than 3 or 4 months, unless it is done under the direct administration of your doctor.

Names of some opioid drugs:

⦁ Codeine.
⦁ Fentanyl
⦁ Hydrocodone
⦁ Hydromorphone
⦁ Meperidine
⦁ Morphine
⦁ Tramadol

Source: Doctors warns patients by Prescription Tramadol painkiller “claiming more lives than any other drug”

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10 Responses

  1. Linda Sullivan says:

    I’ve been on Tramadol HCL ER for over 5 years I take 2 100 mg every morning I don’t need any more than that. I’m 66 years old and have leg aches not pain it if I don’t take it I ache all over. But I don’t feel I have pain. Also I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

  2. Bmd says:

    Your leg aches is a withdrawal symptom, restless leg syndrome. Eventhough you do not abuse your tramadol, your body and pain neurotransmitters become addicted to the opioid, resulting in withdrawal. You can take one pain pill a day for months, years and the minute you stop, full blown withdrawals. Pharmacology breaks this down. You really have to understand the pharmacological breakdown of opiods in relation to the brain and body dependence….. If you ever get off you will experience withdrawals.

    • Sarah says:

      Offer ways to stop. I also take pain meds . Some days none sometimes none for weeks. My fibro is exacerbated by severe spinal osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, nerve damage and spurs etc. I have both rotator cuffs torn mild . Gout, right big toe . My hips are nearly always inflamed and so painful. I’m a bit too heavy but my whole life ..I have asthma and allergies with chronic vertigo.
      On paper it looks rediculous.
      One “friend” asked just the other day…” is there anything you DONT have wrong. Dang what a slap in the face.

      I take so much medication I can’t take it all in a day. It’s exhausting.

  3. Kristi M says:

    I’ve also used Tramadol for years without incident. I’m a retired medical professional and would like to know the credentials of Bmd who replied to Linda Sullivan above. I disagree that the aches she experiences are related to withdrawls when she doesn’t take it. I have fibromyalgia, and many joint problems. I basically only take Tramadol at bedtime. I don’t have any problem if I don’t take it.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree and also would like to know same.
      My Dr follows me and knows me well. I take 10mg Oxycodone as needed . Usually one but many days 3 or 4
      I also take a timed release. I have fibro but also severe bone diseases which cause so much pain. I’m 65 disabled at 46. This mountain is unsurmountable without my meds! My Dr says yes I’m dependant but its necessary as is insulin for a diabetic.

  4. Randy Sullivan says:

    I have been prescribed Tramado for issues with my lower back (Lumbar and Sacreal)
    I also have fibromyalgia thought to have developed years after and due to a major motorcycle accident.
    I take 2 50mg each morning along with 1 500mg naproxen. I take the same dose in the evening.
    I don’t take anymore than prescribed daily and I take doses a near as possible to the same times each day.
    I have taken this dosage for 20 plus years.
    I do not consider myself an “addict” but there are definitely withdrawal issues should I miss a dose for some reason or even take it later than usual.
    Symptoms include: Restless Legs as well as somewhat restless body. I begin to hurt tremendously all over. I begin to feel tired and unenergetic. I have to be up moving to lessen the noticeable side affects of withdrawal but being active causes more pain.

  5. Fibro mumma says:

    i take 8 a day…2 of 50 mg 4 times a day… I have done for 7 years. I hate it, but cannot function with my pain without medication.

  6. Jillian Theresa Brown says:

    this is why the term “addict” should be banned… if someone is chemically dependent on something (aka addicted) why feel the need to point out that you’re not an “addict”? Obviously there is a dependance there.

  7. Kim says:

    I have been on Ultram 300mg ER, Tramadol, for 13 yrs now. I don’t take it I have electric shocks and pain. My doctor sees that the alternative is not okay. Any opioid is addictive. You have to wean yourself off of them.
    They allow me to function instead of severe pain. I won’t apologise for taking them.

  8. Michelle says:

    I have a “budget” of 3 50mg per day and have been taking them for nearly 10 years. I was worried about developing a dependence on them until I lost a three month prescription after only taking two days worth. Because I couldn’t get a replacement I just had to live with the consequences. What I found was that I had no withdrawal but I did have the same level of significant pain throughout that time. I believe if I was “just” addicted or physically reliant on them I would have seen some changes over the three month time period. I also suffer from severe tingles in my lower body each night and prefer the tramadol to the other med I have tried because they knock me out.

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