Why People With Invisible Illnesses Fear the Emergency Room

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  1. Melanie says:

    I am not going to say living with your illness is not tough. It is extremely painful and at time very frustrating to live with a chronic condition especially one that causes pain. But when you discuss a known chronic illness for years occurring every 3 months if not shorter in duration. You should have a specialist that follows you especially through your flair ups. You discuss having to go through the emergency room by the 3rd day to get admitted. This is a problem, there is NO reason your doctor who knows you should not be able to do a direct admission instead of going to a different emergency room physician each time you get sick. An emergency room doctor is train to treat emergencies, those illness that may just very well kill you if not treated right now! I have spoken to many neurologist who are in disagreement with opioid medical as treatment for migraine headaches which is usually the treatment in the ER, so please don’t blame the emergency room for your treatment when the true issue is why is your primary doctor or specialist not admitting you for your treatment of your flair up?

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