How Chronic Pain Killed My Husband

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  1. David says:

    Mobility is the first pillar of health. Opioids are the best solution because they restore mobility. Without mobility everything goes downhill on this side of Paradise.

    Starvation doses are not the answer. One must get ahead of the pain. This eliminates the problem of “diminishing effect”, caused by just grazing the line of relief and then dropping down below it repeatedly. Of course we say ‘it’s not working’.

    Medical Doctors suddenly are running from prescribing any narcotic at all. Their excuses and rationales and ‘new information’ and ‘what studies show now’ – are infantile coverups. Opioids are now a liability to them because of their “prescription opioid emergency”.

    Addiction is when someone does not need opioids anymore but still wants them. Addiction is not a word that has anything or will ever have anything to do with the Qualified Chronic Severe Pain sufferers. They will always need them.

    They cut me off of the sub-standard narcotics (Fentanyl patch, Oxymorphone, Morphine) in September 2017 and my spine is on fire. Now I have none at all. Just Gabapentin and Paracetamol. I need 120mg of Oxycodone every day. I doubt if I will ever see it again and I am angry.

    You can tell what “doctors” motives are now because of the change in what they DO. I qualified before, but I do not now that they have been ‘busted’. What is the difference? It is not me.

  2. Linda says:

    Opioid are a good solution because I was working and happy ative when I was on 80 mg of methadone was able to be working and living my life with my husband why are there no more studies why do not doctor take time with there patients to get the correct amount for that person new doctors been afraid drop me down to 2o mg they only lady 4 to 6 hours so there’s a lot of left no help something needs to be done

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