Cannabis Could Be Reversing Damage to Arthritic Joints

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  1. Neal Smith says:

    Are there specific strains and by what delivery system does Cannabis help? I have severe osteoarthritis in both hips and the lower back. I am in an illegal state, but utilize mostly flower and some edibles. They help immensely, but I’m scheduled for a hip replacement. There are several different types of arthritis and I would be interested in the studies done on osteo.

  2. Patrick Monk.RN says:

    I have this ‘orphan’ condition for which there is no effective treatment. I grow and make my own cannabis salves and tinctures. Hope they look into this as an option. Would love to be in a controlled study.
    Patrick Monk.RN. Home Visit Hospice Case Manager. SF. Ca. (retired)

  3. Matthew Blair Jr says:

    That is great news.I’v been fighting R/A for 20 years now.And Utah just voted for medical cannabis.

  4. Dinah says:

    So as with many articles and two types if cannibis plants i find that not differentiating between the hemp plant thst us CBD non psychotic and the marijuana plant that us adductive caysibg psychosis…when most diseases are being treated by CBD hemp is detrimental, confusing to the public as well as unethical in a society that promotes the addictive substance to gain financially while not differentiating and tellibg prople CBD treats diabetes, arthritis, Parkinsons,Seizures….Not marijuana. Do not perpetuate dependency. Theur are full spectrum CBD products that are 100 percent THC free potent anf organic.

  5. diane broussard says:

    Need Osteo arthuritus help. PLEASE hurry with your study And LET us KNOW Asap!

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