YouTube Begins Banning Videos About CBD Oil Saying It’s ‘Harmful’

YouTube has ramped up their censorship campaign and this time, they are coming after CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Channels which discuss CBD oil will be banned because according to YouTube, it “poses a risk of serious physical harm or death.”

Source – The Daily Sheeple

Mike Adams, otherwise known as The Health Ranger on YouTube has now been permanently banned. The Natural News channel is for a second time, gone.  The reason? According to Adams, YouTube claimed a 43-second video he posted about the compassionate healing potential of CBD oil was subjecting viewers to “risk of serious physical harm or death.” Rather than allowing the issuance of three strikes before banning a channel, YouTube permanently banned our channel with a single strike (click here to see screenshots.)

YouTube now considers videos that talk about natural medicine and saving lives from cancer to be “harmful” and “dangerous.” Really. That’s what YouTube has now become: an enemy of natural medicine and healing.

This is the same YouTube that openly allows children of all ages to view a violent depiction of a deadly massacre because it’s part of a hate-based music video from “Childish Gambino” called This is America. Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson’s video that brilliantly exposes the narrative of violence and hate that infuses the music video has been shadowbanned by YouTube to make sure no one sees it. That’s right: The video depicting mass murder in a black church is not banned, but a video criticizing that video gets effectively banned. -Natural News

The censorship is only getting worse, and it’s affecting those who critical of the official narrative, whether it be on violence, gun ownership, mass shootings, or Western medicine.  Hopefully, we can all stand together soon and speak against all censorship of any kind for any reason.  Free speech isn’t just a constitutional right, it’s a fundamental human right.

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