Useful Crystals for Fibromyalgia

Crystals that can help you with the various symptoms and struggles of Fibromyalgia are Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz. All of these crystals can be used in the bath, or in a little voile bag and hung on the shower head, you can also create Gem Elixirs and Gem Essences with these crystals, as they are all perfectly safe to be used in conjunction with water. IF you are making Gem Elixirs or Gem Essences, make sure the stones have been cleaned of bacteria and any other nasties that can be on your hands when you handle them.

Amethyst — Amethyst is the first choice to many in the metaphysical community, as it is powerful and very protective. The ancients used Amethyst to help recover from physical addictions, and from addictive relationships and behavior, and this gained it the name the “stone of sobriety”. Amethyst is one of the “master healers” because of it’s a wide range of healing abilities as well as relieving stress and encouraging inner strength. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal for transmuting lower frequencies into higher ones, the power of the Amethyst transmuting negative energy into loving energy. Amethyst connects the higher planes with that of the physical realm, which makes it a good choice for working with the Third Eye and developing your psychic abilities and your intuitions. With the violet ray, it is a great crystal to use for the Crown Chakra too, allowing a connection to the Divine. Amethyst can clear and repair holes that have occurred in the Aura and drawn divine energy to you. On a physical level, Amethyst helps with preventing nightmares, it helps relieve headaches, aids with those suffering insomnia, it can also help with eyestrain from looking at a computer screen for long periods.

Citrine — Citrine is a very happy and joyous stone, it transmits this joyful vibration outwards to those who are in the nearby area, and this makes it ideal for all settings. When you work with Citrine you can learn effective communication skills, you can overcome depressive thoughts and even release hidden and stored anger. Citrine can increase your optimism, and bring a more positive outlook and attitude to situations, both conscious and subconscious. Citrine is powered by the Sun and it warms, cleanses and energizes the user. Citrine is a transmuter for negative energy, and heightens your own discipline, for you to attain success, wealth and achieve personal goals. Citrine is most often associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, but it can be used to clear all of the chakras and create a sense of harmony. On a Physical level, Citrine helps support healing of the Spine, the metabolism and the digestive organs, it can also be an effective crystal for detoxing the system. Citrine is another crystal that doesn’t need to be cleansed, but I suggest cleansing it regularly depending on how much you use it, or the environment you have it, or the energy it has been exposed to.

Smoky Quartz — Smoky Quartz is a very powerful metaphysical stone and it emits a high level of energy, it is a slow and steady type of energy, but it is powerful all the same. Smoky Quartz helps the person holding it with Earth energy, and this makes it an excellent stone to work with the Earth Chakra, as well as the more common Root and Solar Plexus l Chakras. Smoky Quartz has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. This stone helps the communication between the energy of the higher chakras to the lower chakras. Using Smoky Quartz during meditation can manifest information for other realms. It is also great for using in Manifestation grids. Smoky Quartz is a protective stone and works well in medicine bags, grids, and other healing work. You need to cleanse Smoky Quartz regularly, as it holds on tightly to the absorbed energy.

Clear Quartz — Clear Quartz is the most popular stone used in metaphysics, and is the most versatile healing stone among all the crystals. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, as it is able to work on multiple levels for multiple conditions. Clear Quartz can be programmed for any intention and amplifies any energy comes in contact with. Clear Quartz protects against negativity at the same time as connecting you to your higher self at the same time relieving pain. Clear Quartz strengthens and enhances the Auric field and the subtle bodies within it. As a gift from the Earth Clear Quartz aids in the process of spiritual growth. Clear Quartz is used to cleanse, open, and activate all of the chakras. Clear Quartz absorbs energy like a sponge, and it is very important to clear the stone of this energy after every use, or on a regular basis, even if it is left in a room that is often occupied – you don’t need to touch it for Clear Quartz to absorb energy. In their natural form, Quartz point radiates energy outwards, toward their surrounding environment. Quartz is a wonderful crystal to use for meditation, energy work, grid work, and Reiki.

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Rose quartz — Rose Quartz is the stone of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and it is one of the most important tones for working with the Heart Chakra. Rose quartz promotes all types of love in the heart — self-love, love for family, love for friends and romantic love. Rose Quartz has a high vibration but is very gentle and soothing. Rose Quartz promotes Empathy with others and fosters empathy for the self too. It clears out anger, jealousy, rage, resentment and the lower forms of vibrations. It lowers stress and tensions that are held in the heart. Rose quartz is known as a romantic stone and can be used to attract love by opening the heart chakra. Keeping Rose Quartz on your bedside table or in the relationship corner of your house will bring new love to you, or help to re-affirm an already committed relationship. This stone adds a loving energy to relationships, and not just romantic relationships, it’s great if there is a tension between parent and child. Rose Quartz can help repair the damage of a broken heart, allowing you to release any pent-up grief, resentments and negative feelings about yourself or the other person. On a physical level, Rose Quartz is used to help with ailments of the Thymus, Heart and Lungs. It’s a great stone for Cancer suffers as it adds a loving supporting energy. Rose Quartz can help ease problems with sexual frustration and balances the sex drive.

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