Most Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Almost five million Americans over the age of eighteen get affected by this harmful disorder.. The easy definition of fibromyalgia is musculoskeletal pain and additionally also causes fatigue and memory, mood, and sleeping problems.

Researchers of fibromyalgia disorder documented that it will intensify the painful sensations of the human body and affect the brain’s response to the pain. Mostly the person starts feeling its symptoms after going through a physical trauma or some serious surgery.

The fibromyalgia symptoms are influenced as a result of s heavy amount of psychological stresses. But unfortunately there is no clear identification of conditions that intensify the problem or considered to be its real cause

The disorder is found more common in women than men. The patients of the disorder mostly complain about problems like tension headaches, migraines, joint disorder (TMJ) and irritable bowel syndrome.

Depression and deep nervousness are also strongly related to fibromyalgia. There are no justifiable methods to cure the disorder but still there are some options that could be helpful in dealing with the disease. These options are some natural remedies and techniques that could possibly prove helpful.

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A balanced diet and workout plan with some stress reducing activities have proved to fight against the disorder.


The symptoms associated with the problem are very plentiful. The fibromyalgia pain is commonly described as consistent dulling ache all over the body, mainly in the muscles and some soft tissue. It is an extensive pain on either side of the body and below or above the waist.

Due to dense pressure on specific part of the body especially the tender points, pain can be more intense for fibromyalgia patients. Tender points are located on the back of the head, between shoulder blades, the front side of the neck, the upper chest area, the outside of the elbows, the upper hips, and on the inside of the knees.

These areas are subjected to intense amounts of pain when they are touched. Even massages or other pain releasing techniques also give the sensation of severity in pain. Thus a person experiences a terrible state of mind and body.

  • Sleep 

The affected people complain of tiredness even after longer periods of sleep. A person fighting this disorder may suffer sleeping disorders like insomnia due to chronic pain.

It has been documented in several cases that patients developed sleeping disorders due to this ailment. Moreover people diagnosed with fibromyalgia develop restless legs syndrome due to less physical activity habit they develop in order to relax and relieve pain. Such long-period and restless sleeps may intensify the problem.

  • Coexisting Symptoms

There are several other common symptoms that are associated to other situations simultaneously. Although there are number of medications available but still it is very disturbing to keep up with all medications along their side effects.

Fatigue is generally the most common of these symptoms. The severity of fatigue is often described as exhausting and crippling by those that are subject to the fibromyalgia symptom. Weakness and feeling fatigued even after hours of bed rest is quite common amongst those individuals suffering from fibromyalgia.

The other common symptom of fibromyalgia is anxiety. This could be the result of sleepless nights, fatigue, or constantly being in pain and becoming restless with the condition. It is very difficult to control the anxiety. Proper treatment should be taken for this condition.

Depression is common among people having fibromyalgia. People having depression could get in condition of feeling useless, tired, fatigued, exhausted, and psychologically agitated. This symptom is very hard to avoid, such people should manage to arrange pleasurable and rewarding experiences that will help to relax their minds. Patients should be aware that it is not a life taking disorder.

Headaches and migraines are also very common in this disorder. The brain may become disturbed and hyperactive due to constant pains all over the body. Moderate and balanced amounts of Ibuprofen and Tylenol can be helpful in soothing the pain of a headache or migraine in order to avoid severe conditions.

As the symptoms of fibromyalgia are abundant but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be very beneficial and make the life easier. As plentiful are the symptoms so are the remedies, but all being the temporary pain relievers.

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