I Am So Sick of Being Sick With Fibromyalgia Disease

Author: Cat (Contributor at theMighty.com)

Having a chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia Disease really does take its toll on you, especially when you have a ton of other stuff along with it like me. It waxes and wanes but it never goes away, at least it doesn’t for me. Right now I must say it’s as bad as it has ever been before. My Fibromyalgia Disease pain level has driven me so far down that even my positive outlook is suffering. I am so sick of being sick with Fibromyalgia Disease. My only escape is the sleep I get but now the Fibromyalgia Disease pain is twisting my dreams and I can’t even escape it there now. I awake so sore that it makes me want to scream out just to move. I’m as tired when I wake up as I was when I went to bed. Relief seems to be escaping me these days.

Get more exercise, that’s what they say. They have no idea how hard that is to do when every movement makes you want to flinch with Fibromyalgia Disease pain. When walking any distance at all makes your spine feel as though it’s just going to crumble apart and disintegrate. I do what I can, I walk short distances, I do leg lifts in my chair, but it’s hard. I wish others could understand how hard. Lose weight. I try, I really do. Without being able to be as active as you need to be it’s a very hard thing to do. I know my weight, which was put on after falling ill, makes it worse. It makes my self-image worse too which doesn’t help things at all. I wish I could lose it and I’m trying hard to, but it’s a slow process feeling as I do.

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Take your meds. I do, I promise I do, just as they tell me to do, but it isn’t helping enough. I have missed them and I was lucky not to spend the day curled up in a ball on the floor, so I know they help, but they aren’t doing enough. There has to be something out there that will help give me my life back. Depression? Sure, I struggle with depression. When there isn’t a part of your body that doesn’t hurt all of the time, you might be depressed too. I think those of us who function with this are a lot stronger than people give us credit for.

I can’t even eat without experiencing symptoms. I eat something, it sends me running to the bathroom. There isn’t an aspect of living that Fibromyalgia Disease or the slew of co-existing conditions do not touch. You name it, there is an ill effect to go along with it. The symptoms feed off each other, each one causing the others to be worse. I try to stay positive. I know this will pass and I will feel better, but even then I won’t feel good. I have my good spells but even then there is still the ever-present Fibromyalgia Disease pain, depression, stomach issues etc. Still, there are better times when I can do more and enjoy more, but what do I do in the meantime? I’m getting worn down, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m losing hope that there are good days ahead and that relief can be found. I mustn’t let myself get like that, I must always believe there is hope, but right now that’s hard. I must hold onto the thought that this too shall pass. I just hope it passes quickly.

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16 Responses

  1. Larry Griffiths says:

    Try some hemp oil and some MSM for muscle soreness.

  2. Candy Walsh says:

    I could’ve written this myself, word for word. I hope you have a good holiday season and know there is always hope.

  3. sofia Kyriacou says:

    Dear fellow sufferer,
    I hear you loud and clear. I say the same bloody thing EVERYDAY. I have had Fibro for 15 years now and have tried pretty much everything. Im in Australia and we dont have any of the Cannabis products that so call help. They are probably the only thing I havent tried.The best thing I can say is have FAITH, try and stay as positive as possible(I know its hard) even if you ly to yourself, fool your brain your happy,HANG IN THERE, you/we are tougher than this bloody disorder/desease or whatever the F@#k they want to call it. By your side

  4. Kathy Whittle says:

    Just reading this lifted my spirits. I honestly thought I was alone in this devastation and the variety of symptoms that rear their ugly head. Thank you for expressing yourself so well.

  5. Holly says:

    I suffer from everything you mentioned. I recently started adding D-Ribose to my tea and hopefully it’s not a coincidence but my pain has significantly decreased. This leads me to believe that I’m not processing carbs/sugar like I should… all I know is that it helps and when I don’t take it, it’s very noticeable!

  6. Teresa says:

    I have FIBROMYALGIA too. I’ve had it for 18 years now. I understand the pain ur going threw and with the tagalong disease that we get to. I have tons of them and i Degenerative Disc Disease. And 1 poorly working kidney. So the spending time in bed is what i do alot of. I wish we could find something that would take the chronic pain away. This is horrible. But i understand.

  7. Bonnie cuocci says:

    I was diagnosed 20 years ago. And yes no one understands the pain levels and how they change 24/7 to take control of your life. The mint Thai restaurant has made me feel worse, gain weight….just a few months ago I took myself off gabapentin I lost 20 lb. That alone made me feel better. Yes the pain is still there.but now I only feel the real pain not all the side effects that are so close to the real pain that you don’t really know if it works.. yes my pain is real and 7pm is my worst..this disease has affected every part of my body. Even my eyesight. CBD has helped. It takes the edge off. Just got my MMCC card and found CBD with a Low THC / THCa works too. I now have a AM and PM formulas…my fibro doctor said it’s okay as long as I don’t buy anything from a gas station..get it from the dispensaries.. May 2020 be a New beginning…hope you find some relief. Don’t think we will ever be pain Free.. I just want to function . basic stuff.
    Found art keep my mind off the pain…let the tears out. Holding it in just add to the pain… I will be ordering the t-shirt..we look normal to most.till they see life as we feel it… painful pain, never ending….. I’m 57 now and this disease has taken my life, had to stop working because you become in reliable…bad days take over… I sit in my tub alot. 2am mostly because I can’t sleep.. my doctor said there is 2 levels and I’ve been level 2…pray it doesn’t become a death sentence..even though some days I wish I could..look up, push through it. If you believe in God..hang on…our story will help someone who can’t go on…

  8. Stuart Smith says:

    My wife Izzy specializes in helping people manage their pain using microcirculation therapies. You can find our more at Facebook.com/circulatenatural

  9. Carrie koenig says:

    I had it so bad, I could hardly walk. It was Mycotoxicosis from Mold for me. PLEASE, please test your body for mycotoxins (Great Plains has a test) and test your house for mold through the HERTSMI test from Envirobiomics. Please.

  10. JJ says:

    Amen my friend. ? Sending love and healing prayers!????

  11. Maureen Roland says:

    When I had adequate opioid medication, I was able.to function. Once the CDC and DEA got involved and decided on limiting dosages to a one-size-fits-all MME, which halved my dosage, I became bedridden. I was diaignored in 1989 when Social Security didn’t even have fibromyalgia as an officially diagnosed condition on the books. Back then you couldn’t get any medication such as Lyrica because there wasn’t any (doesn’t work anyway), opioids were unobtainable for chronic pain and MMJ was illegal. The only thing that helped me temporarily was a jacuzzi cranked up above the recommended temperature setting used at 4 hour intervals. With daily use, the Jacuzzi also eliminated decades of constant pain of unknown origin of a friend of mine. Apparently, Jacuzzis are now produced with reverse-osmosis technology that don’t require chemicals to maintain the appropriate Ph. I hope this helps someone. (I foolishly sold mine when pain became the, “Fifth Vital Sign” and I was able to be prescribed an adequate dosage of opioid medication and thought the medical community had finally recognized the efficacy of opioids to treat pain.)

  12. Jennifer says:

    The one I love the most is well what is it is it neurological is it a bone issue is it a muscle issue is it an autoimmune I don’t immune disease you know when people ask me that it’s like I don’t know because it has been thrown all over the board

  13. Adele says:

    I was suffering from many of the things you have mentioned above and was at my wits end! Could barely move let alone walk. After trying many different medications that only took the edge off but didn’t fully alleviate the problem, I finally found a solution to my all of symptoms and pain. It’s all food based and so simple to do. Happy to share with anyone that’s interested to know more xx
    [email protected]

  14. Lorraine barnes says:

    God bless to all of you I have fibromyalgia depression osteoarthritis and hypothyroidism in constant pain sleep pattern all over gets me so down don’t no what to do with myself wish they’d find a cure it feels like your going bloody mad also a mad menopause woman which doesn’t help one bit 61 yrs old feel 90 most days look it told lose weight get out doors and walk ????????????????

    • Sally says:

      Hoping soon you have more good days than bad.
      I have your same issues + degenerative disk disease and glaucoma.

  15. Lisa says:

    I feel your pain. I got diagnosed last year, at the same time I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My drs are useless, take paracetamol, ibuprofen they say. Yeah that helps not. I hate the way my life is now, I was so active, my house so clean I was always doing something. Now I spend time making to do lists and waiting for the rare opportunity the pain allows me to be human again and I can clean my home and feel productive

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