For Fibromyalgia Treatment: a Promise of One Generic Medication

As this thing is discussed a lot in a lot of articles and researchers that, it is so much difficult for fibromyalgia patients to find a good doctor for right treatment. And above all, paying for the treatment you need could be a lot more expensive. Due to this reason, a lot of people are trying to find alternatives and generic treatments for relieving their symptoms without paying much. In this article, one promising generic medicine has been discussed.

About the Medication

At present, a generic medication that helps in treating drug and alcohol abuse may also help in treating fibromyalgia. In a pilot study at Stanford University, 10 different women having fibromyalgia for almost 4 months were given naltrexone or placebo.

Before ending of the study, women who were taking naltrexone were indicated with 30% of pain reduction, as compared to those women who were taking a placebo. If you know about naltrexone use previously, it seems odd to make a choice to try naltrexone, said by a teacher (lead specialist in the study) of anesthesia and ache administration at Stanford University School of medicine.

As naltrexone was used to treat drug and alcohol abuse for almost 30 years, it meets the expectations hindering the influences on the brain by opioids.

However, recent studies show that in some measurements, naltrexone may show an alternate impact by turning off the cells known as microglia, as these are the fine cells to have.

These cells are our mind’s immune system cells. When these cells have endorsed an infection or something and start creating various chemicals that help in fighting off infections, however in addition, they deliver the chemicals that make us having exhaustion.

It is thought that these cells may be turned on and remain on when no infections are there to fight. In this case, fibromyalgia is about the immune system.

He says that a thought to study naltrexone was due to triumphs report from a gathering of specialists in New Jersey. They attempted this medication on their patients with the same condition.

Scientists choose 10 women who have a clinical conclusion of fibromyalgia and asked them to take 5 mg of naltrexone or a placebo every day for about 14 weeks. Every patient took both of the medication and placebo. They went for as their own specific control subjects. But they weren’t told in which weeks they were taking a placebo and in which weeks they having naltrexone.

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A small device was given to every woman that helped them in tracking what was going on, and this device was used to report alterations in pain, anxiety, depression, rest quality, weariness, the ability of thinking and remembering, headaches and gastrointestinal problems. Women under study were examined daily, their temperature and normal bodily items.

The symptoms decreased by 2 to 3% when women took a placebo. The side effects decreased by over 32% when women were taking naltrexone. There was a significant difference in pain due to this medication.

Of course, some side effects appeared but they were ignored. During this study, 2 women had very odd dreams while they were taking medications. 1 woman found issue with stomach and found it difficult to sleep for few nights. All these women reported that their symptoms went away after taking medications for some weeks.

So naltrexone found to be effective and advantageous for some members, and they kept on using the medication. More decrease in pain was seen by them after continuing with the medication. This study was so successful and now more research is in the process to see more results for different patients.

Why is it important?

A lot of reasons are there to determine why it matters. The main reason is that it is more affordable for people with fibromyalgia to get the care they want. Some medications used to treat fibromyalgia are so much expensive that people might get in trouble financially. Some people have to think whether to take the medicine or not.

If people have a generic medication as an option, they can lower their costs of medication and get them free from the financial stress.

Of course, a lot more research is still going that seems good news, as they are going in right direction. The day is not far enough when this generic medication starts going in the market. People having fibromyalgia should have a hope that they can relieve their pain.

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