Fighting with Fibromyalgia from Watsu Therapy by combining Water and Shiatsu Therapy

In today’s world, various different techniques are available that help in fighting against fibromyalgia. Now, you can look at the world of alternative therapies, if the traditional medications and therapies are not working well for you. One form of alternative therapy is Watsu therapy which is found to be effective and relaxing.

The therapist performs some gentle movements in a warm pool of water that helps in relaxing the patients. The physical, as well as psychological effects of fibromyalgia, gets reduced in Watsu therapy. It is important to talk to your doctor before starting any new therapy or exercise.

Mostly, some physicians will not have any concerns related to Watsu therapy, but if you are suffering from a heart condition, it is not right for you to be in warm water for a longer time period.

Watsu Basics

Stretching, shiatsu massage, and a little bit of dance are combined in this water therapy. This therapy is performed in warm water and throughout the movements, the therapist constantly holds the patient. A cradle hold or back floating is usually used by the therapist so that he can manipulate the body of the patient into the necessary Watsu movements.

This alternative therapy is used in conjunction with traditional therapy to battle different diseases. People with fibromyalgia find a combination of gentle movements and warm water to be really helpful and effective for their symptoms. In Watsu therapy, deep breathing techniques are also found to be effective and helpful as a relaxation method outside of the pool.

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Physical Effects

Watsu massage and other massage therapies have similar physical effects on people with fibromyalgia. Warm water in Watsu massage is one of the benefits of it, as it is not available with typical massage techniques. A decrease in respiratory rate is also a positive physical effect of this therapy, as it brings overall muscle relaxation all over the body.

The pain is decreased with the release of muscle soreness and tension. The stimulation of the massage gives a boost to the immune system and this results in pain reduction throughout the body.

Better digestion and sound sleep are other important physical effects for people having issues with these. When you start a new treatment like Watsu therapy, keeping a journal can help you in noticing the changes that you feel physically in the entire treatment process.

Psychological effects

The stress in the mind is reduced when the stress and tension in the body are released. The mental side effects of the illness also occur in people who have fibromyalgia. The psychological effects due to fibromyalgia can also be reduced by Watsu massage.

People who are suffering from fibromyalgia also struggle with another emotion, anxiety. An idea constantly revolves in the mind that you will feel pain and will find it hard to move, even in those days when you are not feeling any pain.

So, anxiety over the pain can be reduced by Watsu massage process, and make you feel more energetic and empowered to move forward in your life. People with fibromyalgia often show the immediate overall positive effects of Watsu massage.

A distinctive session

You can feel uncomfortable when you start this new Watsu therapy technique. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist, as the sessions are held face-to-face. You need to have a level of trust in that therapist because he/she will be holding you throughout the session.

The therapist will also provide an overall session outside the pool to go over techniques and answers to your questions. For feeling for comfortable, you can also watch another session before starting your session.

It will take some time to get comfortable with it because this therapy and massage is a close pattern of movements. It is completely fine that you don’t feel comfortable at the start of this therapy. You can discuss with your therapist if you have any concerns about the therapy treatment.

Where to find this Watsu therapy and its cost

The Watsu therapy session and other physical therapy or massage sessions have a similar cost that is around $100 per hour. Most often, there are some places that will offer you a discount on a contract of six or more visits. Watsu therapy can also be performed at your local warm pool by individual therapists.

These pools are not those typical ones in which you swim with your family, as this Watsu therapy is performed in a warm temperature pool of approximately 95 degrees. This type of pool is often found in high-level gyms and they offer special classes to help people with joint problems.

You can call your local warm water pool to know the availability of the Watsu therapist or you can ask them if they know of some other pools that have the availability of Watsu therapist. This therapy is becoming more and more popular, so now it can be easy for you to find a Watsu therapist near you.

The best way to control your health and recovery is to work on different types of treatments to deal with your fibromyalgia. The best to reduce symptoms and pain is to try new and creative techniques.

There is no need to stick with boring traditional medicine for fighting against fibromyalgia. Instead of this, you can now try different new techniques such as Watsu therapy. Of course, you will need some time to get used to it, as it is in warm water and one on one therapy. This therapy is really uplifting and calming.

You can enjoy the sessions as much as you want and you will notice that this therapy is providing you with consistent benefits to your body and your mind. Before starting Watsu therapy, consult with your doctor and therapist to ensure whether this treatment is suitable for you or not.

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