Fibromyalgia and Coconut Oil

Many of the people working in the medical field are still unfamiliar with Fibromyalgia. In past decades it was not even considered to be a syndrome but taken as a state of depression. However recent studies confirmed it to be a syndrome itself.

The root cause and conditions that lead to the development of the disorder and symptoms are still a mystery for the researchers. Due to the similarity in symptoms shown by many other diseases, the diagnosis of fibromyalgia becomes a critical thing and often mistaken with other syndromes.

However the condition of the victims can be improved and symptoms can be alleviated by a combination of medication and some natural techniques like exercise, yoga, meditation recommended by the doctor. An expert can help you in obtaining a lifestyle that will decrease the intensity of the disease. It is very important to take every point suggested by the doctor seriously to improve the condition as it is generally accepted fact that lifestyle largely influences the development of the syndromes.

A poor lifestyle that includes unhealthy eating, poor level of fitness, smoking and other bad habits can lead to the development of Fibromyalgia. It should make sure to get rid of such habits to get a better and comfortable life.

There is a list of foods and herbs that can do wonders for a fibromyalgia patient. Chamomile tea, ginger, fatty fish, and nuts; there is a wide range of products that can be used in daily life and symptoms of fibromyalgia can be revealed by their healthy and positive effects.

Coconut oil can give a delicious taste to all foods ranging from sweets to the main course, but unfortunately, it is believed to be harmful to people suffering from Fibromyalgia. The fact behind this frequently encountered belief is that the coconut oil contains 95% saturated fats, and fats are considered to be quite unhealthy.

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This is not the complete story. Coconut oil does contain a lot of saturated fats but it also contains a fatty acid called “lauric acid”, which makes it readily absorbable and provide energy. The conditions of low energy level are mostly related to people facing fibromyalgia so it can act as a great source of energy for them. Unlike sugary foods, coffee, and caffeinated products, coconut oil can boost up energy and will not leave the body feeling fatigued.

Digestive issues are also commonly associated with fibromyalgia patients and can also be improved by lauric acid provided by coconut oil. This acid obtained in coconut oil can be beneficial for patients because of its antiviral and antibacterial behavior.

Butter is the other source of lauric acid or other medium chain fatty acids but coconut oil is the natural product containing the largest percentage. As coconut oil is rapidly changed into energy, it is also helpful for weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate.

Since there is no clear identification of the causes and symptoms of fibromyalgia so it is important to stay positive and gain information about the disease if you encounter some of its symptoms.

There is a lot of research done and information gathered about the disease on daily basis in order to completely resolve the mystery. Being optimistic about relieving yourself from pain is the most important thing.

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