Effective Oil For Joint Pain Relief Of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Patients

Krill Oil For Joint Pain Relief:

Arthritis is the major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, affecting 3.85 million people. It causes varying degrees of discomfort and pain and significantly impacts your quality of life.The first signs of arthritis may be a feeling of stiffness in the joints often felt in fingers and toes early in the morning. This stiffness, untreated, can lead to moderate to severe pain with associated swelling and redness. A patient described her pain to me as “like placing cold hands in a hot bath”.Many Australians treat their pain with pharmaceuticals but according to a recent study, long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), often used by patients to treat arthritis, may be associated with an increase in side effects.

In light of such evidence, some arthritis sufferers are choosing to take natural evidence-based therapies such as krill oil, for Joint Pain Relief associated with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.Often we eat too many foods with high levels of omega-6s like red meat, sunflower and soybean oil. These foods all have an inflammatory effect. You may think you don’t eat a lot of sunflower and soybean oil but many processed foods contain high levels of these oils as they are cheap and readily available to manufacturers. You do need to read those packaged goods labels very carefully.Omega-6s are not only inflammatory but are also quite reactive and can cause oxidation. Oxidation can cause cellular damage by releasing free radicals. Replacing these omega-6s with omega-3s can not only reduce your pain from arthritis but also provide protection for your cells.

There are a number of oils for Joint Pain Relief that contain good ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 but there is still another problem. Omega-3s in plant based oils are usually in a form that is difficult for our body to absorb. These are still very healthy oils and have other benefits but if you are looking to increase your omega-3 levels efficiently you should take an animal based oil like fish, squid or krill oil.As mentioned absorption of the omega-3s into the body is very important. Strangely enough the omega-3s in a fish, like salmon or sardines, are in an absorbable form but as the fish is processed into fish oil the omega-3s change into a less absorbable form.An effective alternative is krill oil for Joint Pain Relief. Krill oil is naturally extracted so the high levels of omega-3s remain in the absorbable form. Taking krill oil capsules can help reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

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