Does fibromyalgia pain get better by Holistic Medicine?

Does fibromyalgia pain get better by Holistic Medicine?

The medical community gives advice to patients to avoid combining conventional medical treatments with unconventional methods of treatment. The unconventional holistic treatment might go with conventional treatment as a measure of relief of symptoms. A lot of treatments are there in the holistic health community. This includes massage, meditation, acupuncture, acupressure and chiropractic treatments. This article will shed light upon how the applications of these treatments work, especially of acupuncture. Main preference is given to acupuncture because it exists before Western medicine and it plays a distinguished part in eastern practices.

In conjunction with western medical treatments, massages, acupuncture, chiropractic and other treatments have long been used to ease fibromyalgia symptoms. As the homeopathic medicine helps to ease the body, mind, and soul collectively, so there has been a huge demand for homeopathic medicine now. Before using the treatment, an individual should visit a doctor to make sure that these conventional medicines do not affect the alternative treatment.


The needles are inserted into the epidermis and dermis of the layer in acupuncture. Through this, the specific energy pathways are catalyzed at designated points. Mostly, the professional of acupuncture moves the needle gently and a pain subduing effect is persuaded in the body. At particular points, the needles in acupuncture signal the invasion of endorphins throughout the body.

Studies show that the pain pathways in the nervous system effectively modifies by acupuncture. Studies also show that the brain’s chemistry transforms altogether by acupuncture, by varying the releasing of neurotransmitters, particularly those neurotransmitters that are involved in pain perception and management. Even the single session of acupuncture proves to ease the pain in patients. Further studies are being required for further investigation.


Fibromyalgia patients are also treated by chiropractic. To reduce the pain and aching in the body, a lot of individuals depend upon this alternative treatment. Increase in lumbar and cervical range of motion can occur by these treatments.

Based on the concept that the body engages in its own concerted healing efforts, these treatments work. Chiropractic treatment makes the body easier to correct problem s by aligning the spine properly and improving the flow of nerve impulses all over the body.

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Increasing the alignment and fluidity of the spine is the main objective of this treatment. Small changing is made by the hands. Moreover, for the balancing of the skeletal structure, these treatments modify stretching, pressure, and movements accordingly. The individual’s health is supposed to improve.

Deep skin/tissue massage

People having fibromyalgia usually go for skin/tissue massage in order to increase the circulations of muscles and to release tension, pain, and stiffness. It helps in balancing and aligning connective tissues and muscles.

Another type of massage therapies is also similar to this one but this integrates deeper, more thorough strokes that are designed to release pain and tension. Usually, people having chronic muscle tension are having a pre-existing condition. The bonds develop in the muscle and connective tissues prevent circulation. These bonds are termed as “knots” because it appears to be knot-like.

The professional done this massage by dissolving these knots to release reductions in pain and improving the flow of movement. The client needs to relax the muscles so that the masseuse goes deeply into the muscle tissue for more effective results. Sometimes, the patient feels uneasy from this message and reports some pain. If this pain gets unbearable, it is important to tell the therapist. But sometimes after the massage, the patient feels stiffness and pain but it normally goes within 1-2 days.

Around 34000 people reported the effectiveness of this tissue massage similar to acupuncture, exercise, and diets for releasing pain. Fibromyalgia patients said that it is one of the best methods of pain reduction.


There are some similarities between acupressure and acupuncture but it differs in many aspects. Rather than inserting needles into points like acupuncture, it applies pressure to acupressure points that prevent the transmission of pain signals. There can be temporary pain relief from this.


In order to treat pain, we use this therapy. Generally, there are a lot of involuntary responses and mechanisms by the body on which human mind lacks control. The autonomic nervous system controls these functions and includes blood pressure and heart rate. However, people having fibromyalgia can have control over their involuntary bodily mechanisms with the help of biofeedback.

The electrodes are attached to the surface of the skin in biofeedback. There are devices that are used to monitor fingers as well. Stimuli (showed in form of flash, image or a sound) are transmitted by the sensors attached to the body. The patient’s blood pressure, heart rate etc. are being corresponded by these sensory stimuli. The physiological functions change when there is some degree of stress and anxiety.

Biofeedback helps individuals to gain control over their body. For instance, the sessions of biofeedback might teach to regulate the brain waves in order to tempt for relaxation and relieve headaches. Involving in more and more biofeedback sessions, people get more control over the bodies.

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