Does Chinese Medicine Work for Fibromyalgia?

A lot of mysteries are needed to be solved in the medical field. Sometimes, it looks like they are never going to be solved, no matter how much studies are being made like arthritis, HIV or cancer. These conditions are mysterious and have no cure. Of course, there are some conditions that are incurable but not deadly, but these conditions can make the life miserable.

One of those conditions includes fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is the most mysterious and incurable condition known to people. It does not lead someone to death but can affect people’s lives to the point where everything becomes so much difficult and terrifying. There are a lot of cases in which patients get bedridden for days, months or even years.

The main symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread pain and it appears differently to different people. Sometimes this pain becomes manageable or can be severe, mild or at times it just goes away. But, it is a type of chronic pain and no cure is there for this pain.

Fibromyalgia as Mysterious

A lot of research has been made but still, we don’t know the actual cause of fibromyalgia. So far, all we know is that some factors may influence that the person has this syndrome or not. The most important factors are as under:

  1. High occurrence of fibro0myalgia in families has chances of developing further in other family members too. Studies show that specific genes are responsible for developing fibromyalgia.
  2. Neurotransmitters do not function properly in fibromyalgia patients. The pain signals are not sent properly to the brain and brain perceives the pain in a different way.
  3. Certain triggers. It is believed that fibromyalgia can be developed due to certain stressful events occur in one’s life like an injury, living in an abusive relationship or many other things.
  4. Sleeping problems. It is believed that lack of sleep can cause fatigue which itself can cause high levels of pain.

Treatments for fibromyalgia

It is true that fibromyalgia has no cure but it does is a kind of treatment one can manage. 3 drugs have been approved by FDA for treating fibromyalgia. Moreover, other medications are also available for managing pain and other symptoms too.

  1. Lyrica is the very first drug that has been approved by FDA in 2007 (Marketed by Pfizer Inc.,). Originally, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, seizures, and pain related to the shingles rash were mainly intended to be treated with this drug, but now it is approved for fibromyalgia as well.
  2. Cymbalta Originally, anxiety, depression and diabetic peripheral neuropathy were treated by it. But now it is approved for treating fibromyalgia as well.
  3. Savella is the only drug that is approved for fibromyalgia treatment.
  4. Naltrexone is an effective drug for fibromyalgia treatment as well. Previously, it was administered to people who are narcotic and alcohol addicts in reducing the withdrawal symptoms.

These drugs are considered to be effective for treating fibromyalgia. Moreover, it is also important to know that all these drugs have some side effects as well. Since there nature is like anti-depressants, so they can side effects like weight loss, insomnia, or even having suicidal thoughts.

Can Chinese medicine work effectively?

A decade ago, the medical field got to the state of the art at which it is standing today, there was an own medical system of Chinese that seems so functional even now. Chinese medicine helps fibromyalgia sufferers in alleviating pain and many other symptoms that they have.

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Basically, out of three main branches, this traditional Chinese medicine is comprised of. These branches are Tai Chi, acupuncture and herbal medicine. All these practices help in alleviating pain especially acupuncture helps in balancing the body especially with Tai Chi and lessen other symptoms especially herbal medicine. These can be used either together or separately. It depends on what you want.

A Chinese medicine specialist will recommend you certain herbs according to the symptoms you have. These herbs help to treat fibromyalgia (muscle BI syndrome as in Chinese) in three states that include wind, cold and damp. These three states of fibromyalgia are different for every patient, so the recommended treatment is different.

The Chinese medicine is proved to improve the life quality for fibromyalgia sufferers. Even, if there is a minor alleviation in pain, it still means a lot for people with fibromyalgia because they are having trouble dealing with pain for a very long period.

So in the end, Chinese medicine is worth using it, as it could make a life much better. One thing to remember is that you should consult a doctor first before using some practice.

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