CBD oil as an Ointment for Pain Relief

CBD oil contains one of the powerful components who claim it can help with everything from chronic pain relief to treating cancer. It has now become a hot topic among natural health circles.


A compound found in the marijuana plant, cannabidiol known as CBD is one of the key constituents of cannabis. CBD products are made from industrial hemp and come in a range of forms. Even though hemp and cannabis are in the same plant genus, CBD products now in the market place contain less than 0.3 percent of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the type of cannabis compound that gets you high.
It is a naturally occurring substance that can be diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil, to make CBD oil.

How CBD oil works:

Studies demonstrate that CBD interacts with both your brain receptors as well as the immune system. These receptors receive a cluster of chemical signals from stimuli and facilitate the rest of your cells to respond to those signals. When your receptors react with CBD, they form an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces aches and pains.
CBD oil furthermore helps to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, drug withdrawal, some effects of Alzheimer’s, acne, type 1 diabetes, cancer, and fibromyalgia.
We’ll be giving you information on how CBD oil helps with pain reliefs.

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Favorable for treating pains like:

1. Arthritis pain:
CBD oil stands out for lessening pain allied with arthritis. A study in the European Journal of Pain used an animal model, by applying a topical gel containing CBD to the rats suffering from arthritis for 4 days, to see if CBD could aid people with arthritis pain. Researchers noted a noteworthy drop in swelling and signs of pain, without further side effects.

2. Multiple sclerosis:
MS as known as Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the whole body through the nerves and brain. The most common symptom of MS is Muscle spasms. These spasms can be so immense that they can cause constant pain in people suffering from it. A report found that temporary use of CBD oil could lessen the level of spasticity a person feels. The results are unpretentious, but several people reported a reduction in symptoms.

3. Chronic pain:
Researchers collated and compiled the results of systematic views followed by studies and trials and all resulted in an outcome that CBD oil can also be used for the treatment of chronic pains. Results proved that cannabis is an effectual treatment for chronic pain in people.
CBD oil being beneficial on one side has some side effects too which people are not likely to build up the tolerance for, according to a separate study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. So, it was suggested that they do not increase the dose of CBD continually.

Side effects:

Cannabis is said to be a natural and safe medicine, with practically zero deaths allied with its use. This herb is rated as the least dangerous essence when compared to substances such as alcohol and nicotine in regards to toxicity. So, overall the side effects of CBD oil are very minute. Some of them are:

• Diarrhea
• Tiredness
• Changes in appetite
• Weight gain or weight loss

In the end, excessive use of anything is bad for health. So, using CBD oil in a specific amount in a particular time period may work wonders for people with chronic or regular pains.

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  1. Very nice article. I would caution those taking CBD to space out their other medications about 2 hours from taking CBD and it can act liker grapefruit juice in that it can effect the metabolizing of the meds. I would also disagree that weight gain or loss is a side effect of any cannabis product. One side effect not mentioned is stimulation from CBD. Often women that take it for sleep will report that they were up all night. We have many Fibro patients under our care and cannabis has given a lot of them relief. Check us out.

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