6 Facts About Fibromyalgia Disorder

Overall six million Americans are affected by fibromyalgia till now. The strong pain all over the body especially the tender points is felt during this disorder. A person gains a condition of consistent pain, fatigue, sleeping disorders, and sometimes develops a state of depression and anxiety.

The stress problem may also come from the fibromyalgia disorder. Because of continuous fatigue and pain, a person becomes inactive and gains a feeling of uselessness and develops a state of severe depression due to this. It becomes extremely frustrating for a person for not being capable of doing the same activities with the same energy and passion as they were done prior to the disorder.

Its diagnose is still tough and critical job as its cause is not clearly identified still. The problem is like a mystery as it is not detected by various tests. The absolute diagnose of the disorder remains tricky however some physical tests showcase high probability of the disease.

People from all regions can get affected by the disorder, however, chances are seen high in women than men. A day and night research is made for the disorder but no justifiable facts are found. There is no verifiable treatment for the disorder found currently.

Pain Is the Number One Symptom

The first sign of the disorder is a continuous pain a person feels for a long period of time. The part most affected by pain depends upon the conditions of a person however in most cases it appears as a burning pain in the muscles and sometimes ay also causes stiffness. A continuous state of chronic pain may last for several months.

The severity of pain can cause loss of sleep and induces restlessness. Because of weakness and sleeping problems a condition of extreme fatigue develops.

Diagnosis Is Tricky

Since there is no identifiable cause of fibromyalgia known so its diagnosis may become tough for some physicians. A rheumatologist may be supportive for those seeking a doctor with some expertise on fibromyalgia.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia vary from patient to patient so there exists no an absolute blueprint for the disorder. There is no definite test that detects whether a person has fibromyalgia or not. The most common type of diagnosis process involves a physical examination in which the doctor check the tender points on a patient’s body like the neck, the upper and lower back, the chest, the elbows, the knees and the hips.

New Research Is Affording Support

A number of physicians do not believe that a patient is suffering from fibromyalgia. The reason for this belief is that the doctor is unaware of how to diagnose the disorder or they are just completely unaware of its existence. However, some of the recent research work has made some conclusions about fibromyalgia.

The research work has helped to explain that the body’s central nervous system is excessively sensitive to pain when a person has fibromyalgia. A recent experimental study is done for two types of people. A group of healthy people and the other group were comprised of people affected by fibromyalgia. The study is done by applying heat to the hands of all people of the two groups.

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The pain from the heat continued to accumulate after the heat was applied to the hands and even after its removal in the people having fibromyalgia. This is tried for several times. This situation differs from the group of healthy people whose pain subdued when the heat was no longer being applied. So the conclusion is drawn that the brain plays the vital role in sensing the pain and it’s after effects but the fact why the central nervous system becomes so sensitive has not yet been discovered.

Natural Remedies Can Help

All people affected by fibromyalgia do not require prescribed pain-relieving medications or anti-inflammatory pills. It has been documented in several cases that people felt ease and relief from pain whenever they tried some natural remedies, however, the relief is temporary but it does help a lot of people to relax and release tension.

People seeking relief from the cruel symptoms of fibromyalgia got positive effects by the use of meditation and daily exercise. A state of relief and dose of peaceful sleep can be achieved with aid of massage and acupuncture.

Since there is a verifiable outline for the fibromyalgia disorder, so it is not guaranteed that these natural remedies prove helpful for all the people suffering fibromyalgia. Different remedies should be tried before selecting the best for the particular condition which helped the most to ease the effects of the disorder.

Vitamin D Plays a Role

Over the past decades, research in the field of fibromyalgia showcase that it has some important link with the deficiency of vitamin D. The deficiency of vitamin D has been known to cause muscle and bone pain, so it gave a point to believe that low levels of vitamin D play some role in the development of fibromyalgia.

It is quite strange to state that vitamin D supplements help curing the disorder of fibromyalgia but there is almost no denying that the vitamin plays a role in its growth. There is evidence to suggest that person can get relief and reduce the medication by using vitamin D supplements.

Exercise Does Help

The most common thing which helps to fight fibromyalgia and keeps you fit is having exercise and workout routine. It’s well known for many decades that exercise and workouts have always helped to be healthy and fit and so does it helps fibromyalgia patients to relieve pain, stress, and fatigue. A proper workout and exercise can also help someone suffering from fibromyalgia to sleep better at night.  However heavy work out is not recommended.  It is beneficial to have a simple workout routine like walking, swimming, and aerobics.  The overdose of exercise and heavy workouts may worsen the conditions of pain and fatigue.

It is a difficult job to live with a diagnosed disorder whose proper treatment is still to be found but people should try to live a pleasurable life. However, research is being done day and night to find a proper treatment procedure for the disorder.

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