5 Ways to Combat Fibromyalgia Itching

Fibromyalgia makes it hard to sleep, and makes most days very uncomfortable. Not all patients who have fibromyalgia will experience itching, but many will, and for those people it seems like there is no end to the pain that comes with this condition. Is there anything that can remedy fibromyalgia itching?

Fortunately those who suffer from fibromyalgia will find that there are several methods of dealing with this issue that work wonderfully. Not every method works the same for every individual, so it might take a bit of trial and error to find something that works for you, however, there are certainly remedies and options for you to use to help in your time of need.

If you are bothered and want to put an end to the itching, it is a good idea to put some of these remedies to good work for you.  Even if you cannot put an end to the condition, there are many things that you can do to help better deal with those symptoms that are bothering you.

Why does Fibromyalgia cause Itching?

For people who have itching that results from fibromyalgia, one of the most common questions is why it occurs. Well, the thing about it is, doctors are still not quite sure. What they do believe is that the itching occurs because of the brain’s reaction to the pain that is being experienced. Sometimes the itching can be very minor while at other times it seems that your entire body is itching and begging you to be scratched.

Fibromyalgia Itching: 5 Common Remedies

Fibromyalgia affects the body’s central nervous system. Thus, a number of different problems can result, including the itching, as well as numbness, burning and tingling in the extremities.

1. Capsaicin Cream

This is a topical pain reliever that can be purchased over the counter and with prescription from your doctor. This cream eliminates cells from feeling the pain messengers. This cream can burn, so when using it, particularly for the first time, make sure that you use it sparingly to see how it will affect you.

2. Pain Killers

Pain killers such as acetaminophen can be used to help deal with the itching that is associated with fibromyalgia. Again, there are pain killers that can be purchased over the counter as well as prescribed by the doctor.   For most people the use of over the counter medications is all that is needed to remedy the problem, but do not hesitate to talk to the doctor if it is not strong enough to solve your problem .

3. Ice

Ice can be placed on the area that is itching, as it will relieve some of the inflammation that is being put on the nerves. Ice will also help deaden the itching so that it is not felt. If you do not want to use ice, cold packs are available and work just as well. Perhaps a rotation of ice/heat will benefit you.

4. Anti-Anxiety Medications

Anti-anxiety medications are often used by those who have fibromyalgia, and if you are bothered with extreme itching, one of these prescription medications can certainly help provide you with relief.

5. Brain Re-Training

This is becoming an increasingly popular way to treat a number of different conditions that are without treatment, including the itching that is associated with fibromyalgia. With brain re-training, the brain is re-programmed not to feel that pain, instead focusing on other sensations. This is not an immediate remedy, and it is not right for everyone. This is something that you should consult with your doctor concerning if you are interested.

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Oftentimes a patient will use a variety of methods to resolve the itching that they are feeling, so this might be something that you would also like to do. In most cases it is a combination of remedies that works the best to alleviate the pain and itching that is associated with fibromyalgia.

The Bottom Line

Although there is no treatment for fibromyalgia, there are treatments out there that can help with all of the symptoms that this condition brings with it, including itching.  If you are one of the people that is bothered by fibromyalgia itching, be sure that you try some of the remedies listed above, as they seem to help most people. Also make sure that you talk to your doctor. He can provide you with tops and advice that will help you beat fibromyalgia itching at its own game.

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