10 best cannabis topicals for people with fibromyalgia

Cannabis topicals are providing significant relief to Fibromyalgia patients across the continent.

Cannabis topicals can be used to treat Fibromyalgia pain, like tender points and muscle stiffness, but how?

Fibromyalgia affects approximately five million Americans, yet treatment is notoriously difficult. Many believe their condition isn’t taken seriously by physicians, and symptoms are wide-ranging, including chronic pain with tender points, a widespread stiffness of the muscles, headaches, sleep disturbances, fatigue, depression, and more. According to a 2014 survey conducted by the National Pain Report, cannabis is a “very effective treatment” for two-thirds of Fibromyalgia patients. In fact, those same respondents said cannabis was more effective at treating their symptoms than prescription drugs.

Ingesting and inhaling cannabis can definitely help with symptoms, but for extra pain relief on tender spots, stiff muscles, and migraines, many Fibromyalgia sufferers are opting for cannabis topicals that can be massaged directly onto painful areas. That’s because the body’s endocannabinoid system has receptors all over the skin. Cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, can be absorbed directly to decrease inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Thinking of trying a cannabis topical for pain? We’ve rounded up the 10 best cannabis topicals to help relieve Fibromyalgia pain, check them out below!

1. Apothecanna: Extra Strength Relieving Body Creme

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Apothecanna Extra Strength Creme is one of the best cannabis topicals on the market for pain. The cannabis lotion is great for aches and stiffness and is also infused with essential oils known for their pain-relieving properties, like arnica, peppermint, and juniper. It provides a relaxing cooling effect that can be used during a full body massage or rubbed directly into tender spots for fast-acting relief.

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2. Om Body: Lion Balm

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Photo courtesy of www.omedibles.org

Om Body is made by Om Edibles, an award-winning line of cannabis-infused products. Om Body’s Lion Balm is made with beeswax and shea and cocoa butter. Plus, it’s packed with spicy essential oils, Thai Liniments, and THC. You can rub it directly onto problem areas for pain and inflammation relief that feels a bit like Tiger Balm – if Tiger Balm was infused with weed, that is.

3. Papa & Barkley

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Photo courtesy of sugarleafwellness.com

Papa & Barkley makes an array of “Releaf” cannabis topicals, including balm, massage oil, bath salts, and transdermal patches. Through research, Papa & Barkley have found the “right ratio” of THC to CBD for topical pain relief: 3:1 THC: CBD, which all of their “Releaf” products have. All Papa & Barkley goods are made with top-shelf quality cannabis and other ingredients, like coconut oil and dead sea salt, to decrease pain and stiffness naturally.

4. Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs (CAD): CBD Pain Cream

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CAD’s CBD pain cream won Best CBD topical at the 2017 Emerald Cup for a reason. Made with certified organic ingredients, this CBD pain relief rub is great for fibromyalgia pain as well as arthritis, psoriasis, and severe back pain. CAD’s cannabis topical for pain is completely handmade and the cannabis extract is sourced from pesticide-free, sun-grown California buds.

5. Whoopi & Maya

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Photo courtesy of marijuana.co

Whoopi & Maya is a line of topicals and edibles designed by actor, Whoopi Goldberg, and Founder of Om Edibles, Maya Elisabeth. Their products were originally designed to relieve menstrual cramps and discomforts, but can be used for all sorts of cramping, stiffness, and pain. They make a legendary bath salt, “Soak”, infused with THC as well as lavender, essential oils, and aloe vera, which is great to relieve discomfort before bed. They also make an exceptional pain relieving cannabis balm called “Rub” infused with THC, CBD, white willow bark, ginger, and St. John’s Wort; all herbs known for their medical properties.

6. Sagely Naturals: Relief & Recovery Cream

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Photo courtesy of cannabisindustryjournal.com

All Sagely products are made from hemp-derived CBD, so there’s no THC and they can be shipped to all 50 states. Their “Relief & Recovery” cannabis topical was created by PhD chemists and is infused with peppermint and menthol for their cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, safflower seed and argan oil to hydrate the skin, and of course, CBD, to relieve aches, pains, and inflammation.

7. Be Trū Wellness: BODY Pain Relief Cream

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Be Trū products are also made with CBD derived from the hemp plant, and so, contain no THC. The BODY pain relief cream is packed with essential oils known to relieve pain, like lavender, rosemary, and menthol, plus, of course, plenty of CBD. Be Trū’s CBD pain relief rub has a cooling effect and is great for fibromyalgia pains, like muscle aches, joint pain, and stiffness.

8. Prana Topicals

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Prana makes an assortment of THC and CBD infused cannabis topicals, including massage and body oil, roll-ons, and transdermal patches. Their CBD roll-on won second place in the CBD topicals category at the 2017 Emerald Cup, and is be perfect for tender points and migraines. Prana prides themselves on infusing whole plant cannabis into essential oils, like sweet almond, lavender, eucalyptus, roman chamomile, and juniper berry for transdermal pain relief that’s 100 percent natural.

9. Mary’s Nutritionals

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Photo courtesy of www.cbdoilusers.com

Mary’s Nutritionals is the hemp-based, CBD-only line of Mary’s Medicinals, a medical marijuana company. Mary’s Nutritionals makes a variety of topical CBD products that are great for pain, including “Muscle Freeze,” a cooling cannabis cream that relieves muscle pain, soreness, and inflammation. For longer lasting relief, they also make transdermal patches, the “Elite Patch,” which gradually releases 10 mg of CBD hemp-extract over the course of eight to 12 hours. Also, check out their Gel pen for isolated relief on tender points like ankles and temples.

10. Manna Molecular Science: Cannabis Transdermal Patches

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Manna Molecular specializes in transdermal patches that can be worn all day for extended pain relief and muscle stiffness. They were founded by MIT pharmaceutical chemists to create products with surgical precision and accurate dosing. Their transdermal patches are unique because they’re made with patented 3D printers, the “MannaBot One,” and can be completely customized for dose and cannabinoid profile. Meaning, you can choose the medicine that’s right for your unique pain.


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