What’s the Worst Case of Fibromyalgia?

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3 Responses

  1. Denise Slovak says:

    I have had it for 18 years, last 2 years it has gotten much worse or maybe I have just gotten older and the pain and fatigue has worn my body down.

    • Jean says:

      My situation is the same as yours Denise, I have had Fibro for at least 18 years, but it has gotten much worse in the last few years. The pain and fatigue is dreadful and I have lost friends and my job because of it. The doctor at work didn’t believe the was such a thing as Fibromyalgia, so I was dismissed from my job because I was often off sick and couldn’t concentrate. It has changed my life completely and I hate being me!

  2. Lesley says:

    I too am finding the older I get the worse the symptoms really becoming. If I feel relitivily ok one day, and god forbid I do something like go to the supermarket, then I pay afterwards as I’m knocked off my feet for a good few days in absolute agony. The pain is getting more intense, the fatigue! Well, I’m like a sloth and the brain fog, well………. my hubby thinks I’m starting with dementure as I cannot remember things asked of me a minute after he says something. He understands how much I hurt, but he says he wishes that my Dr wouldn’t keep passing off every little ailment I get under the blanket of the fibromyalgia. I wish all my fellow sufferers a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

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