The New Cannabis Capsule Is So Powerful It Can Replace Any Pain Killer

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16 Responses

  1. Jayne says:

    where can I buy this alternative pill/surpository

  2. Robert j Perreault sr says:

    I hear that med. oil for fibro, is helping them is that true ??

  3. Linds says:

    I am interested in trying can I as oil for my fibromyalgia.

  4. Nadine says:

    This is available (CBD oil) at Campbell’s Nutrition (2 locations) in Des Moines, Iowa.

  5. Debra Morano says:

    what conditions does this help, I have tried a few and non of them have worked and where can I get it

  6. Pattie says:

    Where can I get the Cannibus capsules?

  7. Paula says:

    I am interested

  8. Oakley says:

    Garbage. No different then big pharm. Lol what a joke. Its all about the money no matter what. Quit trying to steal buissiness lol..

  9. Carla Hines says:

    I really wish to try this. The pain is in my feet, I don’t want to sit all the time..

  10. JoAnn says:

    Does this pill contain salicylic acid or any form of it?

  11. LeeAnne Scott says:

    My husband suffers from chronic esophageal spasms. I’ve been wondering if something like this would be effective for him. We live in Texas.

  12. Linda Catlin says:

    i would like to try these I have taken three different CBD iols the one I take now 2drops twice a day 18mg per dose is the best and strongest I have found. I took CBD capsules for 60 days they were 5mg per dose the caps work well but I like the stronger oil it helps better with the pain

  13. 60 mg of THC per capsule? That is a huge dose.

    • RRS says:

      2,500 mg. of THC is a huge dose… It will launch one into low earth orbit for 8 – 12 hours.
      60 mg. isn’t really all that big a dose…

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