The 6 Different Stages of Fibromyalgia. What’s Your Stage?

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  1. Anna Marie Sneath says:


  2. Roberta Roper says:

    I stayed in work till stage 6 ,ok I had been of sick a few times for a few weeks. When I finally gave up work I felt sure that I would recover and find another job. I even tried doing New courses but the brain fog and the chronic fatigue made studying impossible . Reading one chapter then fall asleep .Unable to sleep at night because of pain everything hurt even the seam of my nights.

  3. linda says:

    the only people who know how you feel is the other people who have fibro. our familys don’t even understand. sorry you have it!

  4. Joy says:

    Stage 6 and it is really Wonderful to find relief, have a good day or even be able to enjoy a short trip to see family and friends. Nobody really understands unless they have our symptoms. Stay positive and keep communicating!

  5. A purnell says:

    Stage six

  6. Ann says:

    Think I’m past stage 6 it’s just useless no one helps been on everything there is the morphine drove me near crazy I struggle to do anything I just paid someone £125to clean my new house because it wasn’t clean and I can’t bear dirty. I just can’t doit anymore done more than I could and been suffering so bad for it. There has to be something one day they can do for this disease because it is that.

  7. Sarah says:

    I was at stage 6 plus, completely bed-ridden for 8 years, but then I was accepted to a pain clinic. I take a number of different meds – Gabapentin for nerve pain, hydromorphone long-acting and its short-acting counterpart Dilaudid for the heavy pain, and more recently medical marijuana to take the rest of the edge off. I also take the antidepressant Effexor, Synthroid, Vitamin D and a sleeping med. It sounds like a lot but the cocktail has saved my life. My hope is that with the marijuana I will be able to cut back on the Hydromorphone, but there is no pressure for me to do so. I am thankful for a doctor that continues to fight for me. I am still on disability, and moving too much or getting stressed out definitely still increases pain. The fatigue is very deep and I am limited by what I can accomplish, but my pain is controlled. My doctor knows that if he has to reduce my opioids or cut me off like is happening in the States that I will be looking into doctor assisted suicide. I can’t go back to level 10 pain 24/7.

    • Sarah swan says:

      I’m stage six and have been for a couple of years have to use a mobility scooter now and a tried very hard not to lose my walking but it just became impossible for me was house bound six months b4 caving in and getting a scooter, am in the process of trying to get medical Marijuana just wondering if you had any problems getting prescribed it ?

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