It’s Not Fibromyalgia. Most Likely You are Not Aware

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8 Responses

  1. Mary Reville says:

    This is my life story and I am going to get answers because I really feel just like you explained and that was before I read about the Mold. I thank you so much for sharing this. I wish you well and here is hoping I will get some answers. I live in Ireland.
    Kind Regards
    Mary Reville

  2. Barbara says:

    Bless you , for someone to come up with a solution after all the suffering, there is hope yet for us all, so it’s not in our mind, we are experienceing these symptoms, I hope you feel well soon!

  3. Kathy Johnson Callahan says:

    This is like reading my own bio.

  4. Tina says:

    Are you in the uk and if so where did you get tested please

  5. Eva says:

    How do u get this test, I’m in the uk.

  6. Linda Prindle says:

    I recall the house I lived in with black mold…about 5 years before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgis. Now, where can I get tested?
    Most US doctors would laugh and say to stay off the internet!

  7. Karen says:

    Hi hope ur feeling so what better and the best you can I havnt been well since 2012 with prolaps stomach cramps bleeding and more than over half of these symptoms above it wasn’t till only last year the diagnosis me with Crohns was put on injections once a week but isn’t and hasn’t made me any better if anything I am worse and now reading the above I’m not sure they have got it right and am now at the stage where I have given up all hope of any help and any chance of getting any better or any chance of a normal life and like you was just sitting here waiting x

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