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Fibromyalgia sufferers might benefit from acupuncture

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  1. S Winchester says:

    I lasted all of around 45 seconds with a specialist acupuncturist who came highly recommended (yes it was tailored to Fibro patients). As soon as the needles were inserted it felt like I was being stabbed by hot knives. I’m not at all wimpy when it comes to tolerating needles of any kind, (I had my navel pierced with no anaesthetic), but the placement of the needles was unbearable. He tried various placements in my legs, feet, arms, hands, back, and even my face, and the only place that didn’t cause maximum pain was my face. Each time he tried, the needles had to be removed within seconds. I’m not saying don’t try, but be realistic – what works for some may leave you feeling worse. I would never attempt it again.

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