Fibromyalgia аnd Sсаlр Pаіn: Whу Fіbrоmуаlgіа Can Cаuѕе Sсаlр Pаіn

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  1. sandy H says:

    I am in more facebook groups for fibro than you can imagine. Yet looking through your sight has floored me. So much describes my symptoms. No other sights, fb groups, or any doctor I have seen has been like what I have just read here. Thank you for showing me I do know what I am talking about. God bless you. May I ask you what type of doctor should I be seeing that would understand like you? I have seen many and I am getting nowhere. Ibuprofen does nothing for pain, only destroys my insides. Tramadol was the same. Cymbalta is known as the devils drug. Never again. Side effects and withdraws are evil. And your article about the scalp and hair falling out is the first I have seen about it. i have dealt with this for over a year! otc shampoos, treatments, etc. prescription shampoos , oils, creams, lotions, foams,…if anything it gets worse. Only relief is cool water in the shower on it. It helps till water is shut off. Ok, starting to get spasms. thank you so much. I will be back and sending some fibro friends here. goodnight

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