Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Side Effects & Withdrawal. Must Read You Just Cannot Ignore

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  1. Alta Hanlon says:

    I had started taking Pristiq shortly before my husband suddenly died, so after he passed I thought my anxiety was from grief. After 6 yrs I started getting more depressed and figured the Pristiq was not benefitting me do I started tapering off of it via a lower dose of Effexor and then to the lowest dose of Prozac. It took 6 months to get off of it, and I feel like my real self again. Because of lower back and related leg pain I have tried most of the SSRIs and SNRIs out there and all they do is make me either wired or tired. I can now see how these drugs made me gain weight, caused me to spend money on stuff I didn’t need, caused lack of feeling, edginess, fatigue, extreme sweating, lack of concentration, you name it. The worst to get off of were Paxil, Cymbalta and Pristiq. The small benefits were not worth it.


    I have been a long term user . With some of the side effects listed. However, if I ever did run out of this drug? My daily life was a nightmare until I was re-prescribed. My behavior changed, my body felt like it wasn’t my own! Having dizzy spells and delayed movement in my head. I always make sure after experiencing these withdrawal symptoms. That I never run out…It is frightening.

  3. Robin Mcgraw says:

    it is horrible with the side affects from getting off Cymbalta. Brain zaps anger crying stomach pain tired no energy sweats restlessness overwhelming feeling like crawling out of my skin how long will this go on? been off it for 2 months any help?

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