21 Gastrointestinal Symptoms People With Fibromyalgia Have Experienced

6. “I get stabbing pains in my abdominal area for no apparent reason. It’s random and severe and never in the same place so I can only imagine it’s something upsetting my gastrointestinal tract.” – Kelly W.

7. “I never know if eating will set off the IBS or not. It’s a guessing game I wish I didn’t have to play!” – Lori A.

8. “IBS with both constipation and the other end of the spectrum. I also get so bloated that I can’t wear pants sometimes. When I tell people they try to fix it with ‘Well what have you changed lately?’ or ‘Have you tried _____?’ But I know it is a matter of just waiting out the flare-up.” – Jaimie R.

9. “I have IBS ulcers, Barrett’s esophagus, bloating, trapped gas.” – Amethyst R.

10. “Almost constant nausea. And suddenly I have severe diarrhea and vomiting around my menstrual cycle.” – Christi S. F.

11. “For a few months, close to six months, I didn’t eat almost at all. I drank a lot of stuff. The thought of chewing made me nauseous and my stomach could only handle drinks basically. I can feel it trying to start again. It is the worst.” – Eloise T.

12. “Food sensitivities and intolerances.” – Laura Ann M.

13. “Bloating which looks and feels more like ‘ballooning.’ I keep two sizes of clothes. My stomach dictates my fashion for the day. And add the gas… lots of it. I do mindful eating for my health and comfort.” – Vee Vee Y.

14. “GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disorder], IBS, and extremely intense stomach cramping.” – Jen B.

15. “IBS has to be one of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia. I went for months on end with constant stomach upsets. It settled down but somehow the waiting and wondering when it’s coming back is almost as bad as a flare. It’s painful, it’s embarrassing and not being able to stray far from a toilet during a flare makes an already isolating illness that much lonelier.” – Sophie R.

16. “IBS. One day I can’t go and the next day I can’t stop going.” – Ashley W.

17. “Nausea and chronic cyclical vomiting.” – Chelsea N.

18. “There’s no way to prove it, unfortunately. But my GI issues damaged my pancreas so much that it doesn’t digest food properly. Took me five years to figure out I had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Excruciating pain that would land me in the hospital. My weight would fluctuate like crazy! (Still does.)” – Sydney L. V.

19. “Wicked acid reflux.” – Terri D.

20. “Bouts of chronic diarrhea, especially in this heat. Which then leads to increased pain that wraps itself around my middle.” – Hayley C.

21. “What don’t I have? I feel like the Pepto-Bismol jingle. Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea – yay Pepto-Bismol! Uggh.” – Brittany H.


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  1. Roberta Roper says:

    I suffer from unimaginable hunger ,sometimes it’s so bad I think I will be physically sick if I do not eat , even though I have had breakfast ,lunch or dinner less than an hours ago .Sometimes I week up sick with hunger . I also have bloating so bad that it’s painful or I have pain When I try to bend down because my tummy is so hard . I never have diarea nor do I have much bother with wind .

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