How CBD May Help Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Women who deal with fibromyalgia are in pain very often. Most of that pain is due to inflammation, but it can also be related to lack of sleep and the way your brain is functioning. All of this can contribute to making your life a lot harder. But, there is a supplement that the FDA has not approved yet that could help you. That supplement is CBD, also known as cannabidiol, and it is derived from industrial hemp. Here are some of the ways it can help you.

Reduce Inflammation

When you have flares, you can have a lot of problems with inflammation in joints and in the digestive tract. CBD is extremely helpful in reducing the stiffness of your joints and tenderness in your muscles

Fibromyalgia is also often comorbid with other types of chronic pain such as sciatica, which CBD can also help with. You can use it in a pure oil that you absorb through your tongue for full-body relief or in a lotion to rub into localized painful areas. 

Improve Sleep

Sleep is a huge way to reduce the amount of pain you feel, as well as the amount of stress you are under. Between those, it can make a huge impact on the number of flares you find yourself having to deal with

Inflammation & Pain Relief

Pain is one of the top reasons that people struggle to sleep. By reducing inflammation and making you feel less pain, you will have a much easier time sleeping. That has a huge impact on your quality of life in the short and long term. 

More Melatonin

CBD also helps the body to produce melatonin on its own, which will help you to feel tired and fall asleep when you need to go to bed. It also helps you to continue producing melatonin, making it easier for you to stay asleep longer. Longer periods of sleep makes pain significantly easier to deal with and makes it easier for you to feel like yourself. 

Improve Brain Function

Nearly everyone with fibromyalgia struggles with their brain working the way they need it to during a flare. CBD can help your brain to function at its best when you are dealing with pain and other issues. It does this by reducing the impact of stress and anxiety on your brain and body. These will help you to cut down on the amount of time that you spend in a brain fog. It does this by working with the endocannabinoid receptors to make it possible for you to function at your best.

What to Talk to Your Doctor About:

If you decide that you want to take CBD, you need to talk to your doctor first. There is a possibility of an unfortunate interaction with other medications that you take and you could be allergic to it. A doctor will help you to navigate it to make sure that it is safe for you to take and that you will not cause further harm to the rest of your body.

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  1. carol f engler says:

    I recently started to take this oil. So far only small results. but am hoping to see more as i take it each day. I have severe sleep issues, some word losses and hand/foot pain. will see how the future goes.

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